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I have expressed my feelings on this site before…that I think Winnipeg “fans” and media love to feel that they are hard done by and really like to complain. To run players and coaches out as soon as difficulties happen. There is no doubt that this prevailing sentiment creates real difficulties in attracting quality players/personel to your town. When was the last time a real free agent really wanted to go there…when they know how quickly they get turned on.

when will you start to call for Lapolice’s head? Lets say you lose to Hamilton and Montreal and you’re 2-6. Then? or are you prepared to allow for systematic growth?

.....surely you're joshin' flag......turn on a player or coach/gm if he isn't getting it done ....get rid of him and try to get better ...: .. no-way.. :lol: :lol: :lol: The Bombers are as guilty as everyone else in the league i guess....just look at the players released by other clubs and you might get a hint :lol: ... just recently ...Kicker in regina....sent packing....kicker in the hammer....sent packing..... and not just kickers.... other players and a gm if i'm not mistaken...Now why the hell would we copy that crap.... Go away and don't make me laugh :lol: :lol:

That's not just Winnipeg fans/media, flag, you see it for almost all teams. . . heck even on the Montreal boards there have been posters questioning Calvillo and Cahoon. . . Seems to me the only ones getting a pass on this so far are the Argos' coaching staff and players, since they have so far exceeded everyone's expectations.

ok…so if they are 2-6 papaloozah you wont be clawing for the heads?
and I’ts not Ok just because other towns are doing it. C/mon guys…yikes

Flag I was not saying it's okay just because other teams' fans and media do the same thing.

My point was simply that it is not a phenomenon unique to Winnipeg.

Doesn't make it right, I concur.

Winnipeg currently owns the longest Cup drought in the CFL. I don't blame their fans for being antsy.

And MJ is right: calling for sweeping changes after a few losses is not unique to Bomber fans. Everyone does it. Look over at BC and Edmonton and tell me their fans aren't ready to clean house from top to bottom. :wink:

still my question remains…will winnipeg guys be calling for Laplolice’s head if they are 2-6?

......okay Flap......will the leos can Wally cuz they're 1 and 5.....you have your answer :wink:

...don't try that bunk that we're worse than other clubs...IF THE PERSONNEL IS NOT GETTING IT DONE YOU MOVE ON....LaPolice is here for the duration :wink:

what kind of answer is that?
my question is what will you and other winnipeg guys be demanding if you are 2-6. simple.

...the kind of answer you're question required... :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems simple enough…
5th coach, 3 Gm’s in a handful of years…
I’m just asking if you’ll want lapolice’s head if you go 2-6…
I’ll make it more straight forward…are you gonna want that?

Well I for one won't be calling for LaPo to be fired if they go 2-6. So there's one straight answer for you.

I might amend that if I believed that he was at fault for a 2-6 record. . .and at this point I don't see it. Sure he was at fault for the last play call in the last game, but other than that, I don't think head coaching is the reason for a losing record at this point.

haha,well madjack, given you live several 1000 km away and are an Alouette guy your measured response is interesting.
But again, i’m interested in hearing from my hometown guys.

I do not blame LaPo much for the previous 2 games, his job will be safe and I for one like LaPo as our coach, some player's need to play better and we need some player changes (not to many). Remember when Dave Ritchie became coach for the Bomber's, they did not have a winning/good season AND the year after we had an awsome season.

Don't expect LaPo to get the boot

If we had a veteran team with no injuries who had played together for a few years and they went 2-6 then people would probably be questioning the coaching staff. As it is, we have a young, inexperienced team and have been decimated by injuries so no I don't think a knowledgable fan would be calling for Lapo's head.

[quote="Flag"]haha,,,well madjack, given you live several 1000 km away and are an Alouette guy your measured response is interesting.
But again, i'm interested in hearing from my hometown guys.[/quote

.....why would we give you a straight answer, with the kind of insulting inuendo posed in your original question.... :wink:....Now if you would've come on here and asked a direct question without all of the insulting preamble...you might have received a direct answer from me...Seeing as you didn't and continued on with your b.s. ..i think MY response was all that was required and will stand as it is.. :wink: does that clear it up for you flog :lol:

I dont agree that there was any innuendo in my post.
I was pretty clear. I’ve lived in winnipeg for years and follow the Bombers closely. I believe it is the most negative atmosphere I have every seen when things go wrong. There is a reason why there has been 5 coaches, 3 GMs, players speaking out, ranting, burn out etc. over the past few years.
Given that is my belief I wanted to ask directly when Lapolce is gonna be thrown under the bus. Because history and recent comments suggest he will be.

Not trying to be insulting. But again I’ve said that the fans there always feel hard done by.

For what its worth I’m hopeful that fans and the media embrace this regime and allow it to breathe. And I think it would be wise to not be so derogative of players once they struggle or leave as that leaves a lasting imprint on future players. it is a small community of players in or considering the CFL. Believe me on this one. And Winnipeg’s attitude at times is detrimental.

Actually, if the fans media like you in Winnipeg, you can pretty much do no wrong. Bauer/Taman lasted 10 years.

This is completely false, think back to the end of the 2007 season, several free agents on the team took pay cuts to stay here, Tom Canada, Dan Goodspeed both took less money from the Bombers than they could have got in free agancy.

We'll call for LaPolices head when it becomes clear he isn't the right man for the job. To predict when that might happen, all depends on how the team continues to function. Right now, even with the losing, the players believe in their coaches and want to play better for them. When that stops, then we'll talk.

And as soon as those players and managers were out you ridiculed them.

Not all. Only the ones who deserved it. And how is that different from fans of any other team?