Just Believe!!!

[b]I know it is easy to get worked up and question the coaching and QBs.

The thing is at some point you must forfeit your own opinion to the professionals. Believe that they know what they are doing. Believe that they are making educated and talented decisions.

We all want to be armchair coaches and QBs but the fact remains: We are not the coach or the QB.

Trust the team and believe everything that happens is happening for a reason.

Miller explained himself and his moves before the game and many fans just keep freaking out!

:roll: :roll: :roll:

In the end Miller's decisions at the QB position were made to allow Durant to learn and progress; something that can be difficult for a young Rider QB.

I know it is difficult to allow a young QB to learn, but just let the man play ball. Just let the coach coach.

Just breathe. Just believe! [/b]

I know! All week ive been saying that and no one had confidence, except you Thryllin. See wat happens guys!