Just beating the Argo's....is not enough.

Another losing effort...a game of error's.
I just don't know what to say.

As Ti-Cat fans....we can only hope that with now 18 days off before the Labour Day game, it's back to the drawing board...again.

What is it going to take...to make this team, play as a unit. Again to-night, where the hell is the defence. Where is the game plan ? Over and over, burnt up the middle. Could not stop Roberts...running out of the backfield. Adjustments ???

Thought the Offence...didn't play that badly, and got some bad breaks, no Ti-Cat bounces that's for sure.

Any thoughts....?

:? :? :?


I thought the O played badly.

17 points won't win you the game.

How many turnovers?

Near the end of the game Richie had completed 17 passes for a measly 165 yards! Not even an average of ten yards per pass!

Cannot throw a deep ball at all. Maas was better than that!

back to the drawing board? so we can do some finishing touches on our curl routes?

or maybe it will take 18 days for the coaches to realize they need to get creative.

It's not the coaching.

It's the execution.

And the execution is taught by who? The coaches. They plain suck period!!

Coaches?! This team has coaches?! No, we have morons posing as coaches.

well said my friend......well said :slight_smile:

So it’s the coaches fault that Richie drops the ball and hands Winnipeg 7 points. They tuaght him to hold the ball with one hand right from the snap? Come on!

It’s the coaches fault that Richie throws a ball with a lineman jumping in his face?


back to the drawing board? so we can do some finishing touches on our curl routes?

or maybe it will take 18 days for the coaches to realize they need to get creative.

I just don’t know…jorden02 ?
When was the last time the Cats used a screen pass ?
Same old…same old.


its so true.


we did a screen pass tonight. the very first one that i can remember doing all of this season.

its pretty bad when jock climie and matt dunigan call us the "curl cats" formerly known has the "hitch cats" (which was last year)

Good coaching = Execution

who's fault is it that most highschool's in this city have a more exciting offence than this?

the playbook consists of.....the "zone read" running play.....and maybe 3 passing plays.....all of which seem to consist of basically every reciever doing a curl route are very similar.

who's fault is it that we come into each and every game unprepared therefore, being outscored like 45-11 (not sure what it actually is) in the first quarter this year?

Yes we are the team of the "curl". It is obvious. We need Danny Mac as our offensive coordinator and we need him starting tomorrow!!!!

I just can`t understand, how we can look so good against the Blue team and then stink it up this week with fumbles and poor execution. Is the Blue team that bad? I think we are a poorly prepared team.

That being said, I will never give up hope for our ticats!!!

Your Correct But do see good things

i'm sick of the theory about the big labour day classic game build up. it's BS.
every week the motivation and desperation should be there, not just playing the argos.

Does everybody need a smoke after their hate-in orgasm? Richie simply proved what he is - an average backup QB. Do ya think that the BBs MIGHT have studied the game film and noticed that he throw underhand? That might explain the blocked passes. The O-line was so porous that a malnourished kitten would have sacked Richie.

I feel (now) that Obie has failed to find/sign CAPABLE NI o-line depth. It's not ALL Taaffe's fault, the PROFESSIONAL players have to EXECUTE PROFESSIONALLY. Otherwise, it's time for them go get splinters in their backsides from riding the pines...