Just Back From Moncton

I just got back from Moncton.
It was a great time for one and all and I can say how the people of Moncton and overall NB are unbelievable.
It was an awesome show they put on the Stade Moncton with the temporary seats at both end.
I haven't yet watched the game saved and will have a better idea how it showed on TV.
Perhaps some of you may tell me your impressions.
Now there is no doubt in my mind how the hub of Atlantic Canada is Moncton and I read in the paper how within what a 2.5 hour drive there are 1.2 million people. Very true.
While Halifax with the same distance has well below 1 million.
The town and the mover and shakers of Moncton do want to bring the CFL and there are reports how several powerful and rich owners have approached the mayor regarding the franchise possibility.
Unfortunately and now I have seen for myself that the stadium is not up to snuff and either needs major renovations to bring it up to minimum 25,000 standards or there is even the suggestion of building a new like Empire Field.
The other crucial ingridient is the virtual lack of parking on the U of NB campus so that will be a major problem for concessions etc..
Overall I think where there is a will there is a way and with the rabid fanbase, I believe we will see a 10th franchise the same year as Ottawa.

I'm with you all the way until the last line. The same year as Ottawa? I don't think so - would love for you to be right but that isn't logistically possible, never mind probable.

Glad you enjoyed it there. If Moncton gets a team, I've got two seaon tickets on the go for sure!

Moncton looks as if it could be the next Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hopefully they get a team, and develope a strong fan base.

I just got back as well.
First of all people from the Maritimes are some of the most friendly, personable people you'll find anywhere.
It was probably a bit of a shock to them to be essentially the center of the Canadian sporting world for the weekend and Moncton's population must have swelled enormously.

If anyone wasn't convinced before, at the very least you must take Moncton very seriously. All around the city, all anyone wanted to talk about was football. The province of New-Brunswick had their provincial elections on Monday and aside from the billboards on streets, you wouldn't have a clue. Nobody seemed to care. It was all about football. Monday's local newspaper was essentially ALL football coverage, on an election day. Talk about passion.

As for the stadium, it's pretty good actually. There's a lot of room to bring it up to a CFL caliber 25000 seat stadium.
But right now, it's not close to being adequate full time. Very few permanent washrooms, concessions, no permanent gates, etc. I also though their were few mistakes in the game production and the programs were littered with mistakes. But still a great time nonetheless.

I talked to a lot of the locals, asking them if Moncton could support a CFL team. I got mixed reviews, but two things remained pretty much constant. First off, they all say there's not much to do in Moncton. They all point out though at the success of the Moncton Wildcats and how Moncton is really into sports. With a population of 250 000 within a hour drive, and over 1 million 2.5 hours away there's reason to think Moncton could certainly support a CFL team.

Moncton has certainly passed the first test with flying colours.
The fans came early and didn't leave until the end.
Especially those in the end zones. They were certainly the most excited.
Players loved it, fans loved it, the CFL loved it, the city loved it, etc.

PS - It was great to see CFL fans from all over take in this unique historical event. But especially seeing the Atlantic Schooners logo again. Remember, they're still undefeated! Thanks Moncton for being such gracious, inviting host. Will certainly be back in the future.

This is slightly off topic, but FWIW I thought TSN’s production of the Moncton game telecast was really superb. Tons of interesting new camera angles and they especially did a great job on closeups. It was clear to me that they made a determined effort to go beyond the usual coverage and make this a great telecast.

It was a great weekend of football ! Nice to see that those lucky enough to come out got to feel "Moncton"'s friendliness and vibe. Moncton is not a pretty city like Halifax, Victoria or QC but it has some of the most "beatifull people" I have met anywhere and this is the most "Canadian" of all. anglo,, franco, native, everyone get's along and melts in seamlessly.

Regarding Geroy's comments about the stadium they are spot on. the main Grandstand (the one that connects to the CEPS) is built the same way MOntreal's Molson and Saputo stadium on in ground reinforced concrete pads. A second deck can be added as well as a concourse that could communicate with the building and probably luxo boxes.

Also this is the first use of a combination of natural grass an turff and it looked better than I figured it would when I was first told how they would make this work for football. However if the stadium was turned into a pro football stadium full time, the track would have to be given up a turf surface placed in and other seating structures build and relocated around it.

As far as parking goes. It is huge but because 90 percent of people in attendance have to drive (regiional team concept), a multi-level parking would have to be considered or shuttles from one a couple strategic points would also work.

It was a great first run for Touchdown Atlantic. Thanks to the fans of both teams for supporting this :thup: