Just Arrived!!!

I arrived in the city of the DEFENDING GREY CUP CHAMPS this morning and am I ever pumped about coming home.

Arriving at the airport was such a good sight to see. I saw LIONS and RIDERS fans arriving from all parts of Western Canada. Besides the Grey Cup, it was so cool to see Lions and Riders fans together and poking fun at each other in a FRIENDLY manner.

Seeing this, gets me even more pumped for the game. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

where do you usually live?

Too bad they lost my luggage but I was lucky that I had my Lions jersey on for the flight to Van but my Lions orange retro jersey is in my luggage

Nice to here. Those are true fans

I'll see you there Lionbacker. 50,000-plus fans in BC Place are going to have the joint hopping.My biggest problem tomorrow will be where to watch the eastern final (in which the Bombers are going to smoke the stinkin' Argos) and still make it to the gates for kick-off time between the Lions and Riders.
Hmm... maybe the Shark Club. Bang down a few beers and then hustle like mad to the Big Tent.

jman, I moved to N Alberta about a year and half ago but have kept my Lions season's tickets. I only made to 2 games at BC Place but did make it to Edm, Cal and Regina for games as I did when I live in B.C.

gang, I really hope the Bombers smoke the Argos.

That would be nice. Tw western teams sort of speaking.

Either the Lions or the Riders VS the Bombers would be a good Grey Cup.


Arriving at the airport was such a good sight to see
I assume you not talking about airport security.

Hmm pretty sweet. Have fun at game...

Go Riders...lol :wink:

Enjoy the game tomorrow, Lionbacker. Unfortunately, I'll have to watch it on my TV. And sorry to hear about your luggage. Hopefully it gets sorted out fast.

Chief and jman, Wish you could make it out for the game, the dome will be rockin. I would love every CFL fan to come experience the atmosphere in person. I love the atmosphere even though I believe some of the posters that have bad things to say are just going by so called reports.

Just got an update on my luggage, 9 hours after landing. Apparently it is on it's way to Moncton, NB. Earliest I would get it back would be 3pm PST tomorrow, an hour and a half after the game starts.

I'm ok with that as long as I get my Clermont retro jersey back. The rest is all replaceable.

That’s what I call a true fan!

Have a great day tomorow, Lionbacker! I am positive you’re in for a nail biter. This Heavyweight batttle is going the distance!

New Brunswick? Wow. That's not even close. :lol:

Yup...that's a hell of a screw-up, right there...so long as you have skivvies and a jersey, Lionbacker, you're set to go...

I guess we know who the 3rd quarter streaker is going to be...

I wish I could go lol...

But yeah, at least they found your luggage... Hopefully you get it soon