Just another step towards building a winner.

I haven't been posting here because like everyone else at the Ticats I've been working hard on building a football organization that will make us all proud and happy Ticat fans again. But here's my take on this recent trade:

  • Whether we were "fleeced" or were "brilliant" in this particular trade will have to wait until June to find out. We made a bunch of "brilliant" trades last year that resulted in our 4-14 record. Sigh.

  • Wayne and DJ will be missed. Both were great guys who contributed more than their share to the Ticats off the field.

  • But whenever you can trade for a promising young quarterback who has CFL experience you do it - this is a quarterback driven league. We are all very excited to have been able to bring Rocky to Hamilton.

  • This trade also shows the confidence that Marcel and Charlie and Scott have in their ability to recruit more highly talented players to the Ticats this off-season.

We are tired of losing. We are determined to build a winning team. We will continue to do whatever is necessary to achieve this, this year.

Stay tuned. This is going to become increasingly interesting. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

With all due respect, Bob, it can hardly get more interesting than it already is.

Change seems to be the name of the game. As you say, June/July will tell us the results of these changes, and the many that I am sure are still to come.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. I sat through the changes in 1950. They were drastic, but so was the need for those changes. Are we as badly off now?
Well, our recent record says "YES".

I sincerely hope, for your sake, that these current moves are the right ones. I think they will. The message is certainly being sent that times and regimes have changed.

Well Bob, you have one fan that is behind the recent moves 100% let the free agency frenzy begin!

It really is going to be interesting!

I'm staying tuned.

It's good that you are the optimistic and forward looking owner.

Everyone wants what is best for the team.
As I stated in another post; if you win you more than 10 games management is a genius, if the record equals last year the whole management team are incompetent b00bs.

I hope it leans towards the former.
Time will tell


Thank you for hiring a GM with the courage and expertise to make drastic changes to a team that obviously needed drastic changes.

so bob, why do we need a qb with cfl experience?? we have mass and williams with a year under his belt. are you guys not exactly sold out on maas being the starter and is this a move that your hoping where butler will b the saviour. this cant be to push mass during training camp, u could nhave easily signed 2 nobody's with williams pushing maas.. i dont understand we dont need a qb thats worth 2 great plaers and a draft pic..

I've said this often and I'll say it again Bob...

"Hope... is not a strategy."

Get back to me April 1 on whether the trade makes sense. :wink: :slight_smile:)

Oski Wee Wee,

I hear ya' Russ. I'm hoping.... I'm hoping...

I just wanted to say things can only get better eh!

"But whenever you can trade for a promising young quarterback who has CFL experience you do it - this is a quarterback driven league. We are all very excited to have been able to bring Rocky to Hamilton."

if this is a QB driven league, what the H*ll is Maas still in our Hamilton Harbour for?
Marcel and Sir Charles, please unload this tackling dummy before the snow is gone! Please!
Sooooooo sick of seeing his "ahhhh poo" grimace as he serves up another pick. oh yeah, what about the "pist off, just wait 'til next series" look from the sidelines.
Please let our '07 stones gather no Maas!

Bob, I'd like to believe this is what is best for the team.

In all fairness, my thread was a kneejerk reaction to what I saw. Having thought about it, it still wasn't a good trade. However, I'll trust that you, Desjardins, and co. have a plan, and know what you are doing.

I can't see the big picture, but I hope it's a little more spectacular than the little slice I'm seeing.

Perhaps you should read the posts a little bit closer. Not too many posters seem to be pleased to have a 3rd string QB that could only beat our defense and has an under 50% completion average brought into our liar.

This whole event in general is depressing. What ever happened to thinking positive. Ok, we positively got fleeced/hosed/shafted. End result we got a 3rd stringer for two starters and gave up positioning in the draft.

Russ quoted DJ's stats when he had a quaterback that could throw more than 7 yards. Wayne was a #1 overall draft pick who walked into a starters spot. With decent coaching and a O-line that wasn't different every game he would/could have been a mainstay for years. Now they will both become stars elsewhere and I wish them both well.


Thank you for hiring a GM with the courage and expertise to make drastic changes to a team that obviously needed drastic changes.

Exactly what was needed in the hammer

Thanks for the post Bob.... I'm keeping my head and waiting for the FA frenzy.. keep up the good house cleaning

That is a good explanation why quite a few of us are criticizing this decision. It is important to have good quarterbacks, but many armchair GMs here (myself included) are saying that too much was given up to get a quarterback that may or may not be a good one. It comes across as being quite a risk, and one that may not pay off.

Maybe when at some point during the season, or even later this off-season, this decision will make more sense to us. And I certainly hope it will. And yes, I suppose that no one in the organization should be too worried about what people say about the trade now. They should worry about what is said about it during the 2007 season. Still, I can't imagine this being good for season ticket sales right now.

And "Doing the same thing repeatedly (keeping the same team) and hoping for a different result (winning) is the definition of insanity". But I fear we are quoting unhelpful platitudes at each other.

We have a strategy, but, for obvious reasons we cannot announce it publicly.

This trade and the other changes you're read here are part of this strategy. We'll know the effectiveness of this strategy in a few more months.

I may be a naïve optimist, but while the snow is still blowing its a great deal more fun than the alternative. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

PS. This new Tiger-Cats team is still undefeated!

hate to say this Bob But I Disagree..
you gave up to much for too Little

I already Email My Ticket Rep and Told him My next Payment is on Hold till feb 28th..

I Waiting to see what we get In Free Agents and new Signings bit I am not happy at this point.
If then I don't Direction I'll get my Deposit back and Say Home
I will Save my $1300 Dollars this Season..

500 For 1 Seat
150 for parking for the season
300 For Food and Bev.
150 For Gas
200 For Ticat Stuff..


So Far We got :
Raised Ticket Prices
Cut Players
bad Trades
Soon to have :
Raise Beer and Food Prices

for Team Trying to keep Fans in the Seats
not a good Start.