Just another quicky

I know I do a lot of these, but I’m curious to know your opinions.
Who do you think was the greatest CFL quarterback/ receiver combo
of all time? Calvillo and Cahoon? Moon and Kelly?
Lots of choices here.


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well, Jones and stegall won the poll they did on it a few years ago, but I think that Danny Mac and Darren Flutie fit the bill as they has good success on three different teams together. They also made each other better than either was alone.

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You mean there was a poll and the green riders didn't win it?

Will wonders never cease. . .

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Definitely put Calvillo to Cahoon on top .

Longevity wise for sure .

MacManus to Flutie and Moon to Kelly are worthy comparisons .

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apparently wpg fans wanted it more.

I thought this might have already been done. Oh well.
I agree with your MacManus /Flutie choice, but my bias goes with Calvillo / Cahoon.

Moon to Kelly. The best CFL receiver combo I have witnessed. They always beat my Alouettes when I was a kid

Same here...only Rick Monday depressed me more. At least we had the Bruins.

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Some other great ones that come to mind, even if only for a year or two:

BC: Dewalt to Swervin Mervyn Fernandez

Edm: Ray to Jason Tucker

Calgary: Flutie to Pitts

Winnipeg: Dieter Brock to James Murphy

Sask: Austin to Narcisse

Ham: Clements to Stapler

Tor: Holloway to Greer

Ottawa: Clements to Gabriel

Montreal: Calvillo to Richardson or SJ Green

Too many other great ones to mention, a lot of different combinations with many of the same guys above. For longevity though Moon-Kelly And Calvillo- Cahoon would have to be up there. And likely Etcheverry -Patterson though I never had the pleasure of seeing it.

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Good choices. Flutie / Pitts and AC / Green were on near the top of my list.

McManus and Flutie as mentioned was another great combination, through three different teams. I don’t think Danny Mac was ever the same once Flutie retired.

Why did the late Jim Fanning use Steve Rogers to close out the game when the Expos had Jeff Reardon in the bullpen is beyond me?

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Modern era in this order

Calvillo to Cahoon
Lulay to Geroy Simon
Durant to Dressler
Burris to Lewis

What an awful memory. I remember rushing back home from school in grade 9 only to see that homer. Never got attached to the Blue Jays the same way I did the Expos.

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Gut wrenching. The best team in baseball in the 80’s and zero to show for it.
Then the baseball strike.


Burris to Lewis didn’t dawn on me. Good one

not yet, but if they get to play together long enough

Reilly to Burnham

I was trying to remember his name. Burnham is the best receiver I’ve seen in a long time. I’m surprised he hasn’t been picked up by an NFL team.

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Joe Kapp and Willy Fleming