Just another day in Ticat land

Another day, another exaggerated inflamatory story by the Spec.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/crime/article/479168--ticat-fan-guilty-of-obstructing-police]http://www.thespec.com/news/crime/artic ... ing-police[/url]

In the past ten years incidents like this have become rarer and rarer, but the Spec and this judge would actully have to look at the past to see where we stand today. What's not right about a goof starting trouble and immediately being arrested and charged? I thought that was the way things were supposed to work.

What shocks me more is the utter lack of moderation in the Spec's comments section recently. Many comments that are allowed there on a daily basis are legally slanderous. The Spec has been sued in the past few years for slander and defamation and have had to post apologies.

I guess they never learn and don't quite understand the new internet laws. :roll:

The Globe and Mail on the other hand moderates their comment section under news articles very responsibly.

Not all that different from here.

I think moderation is important.

Moderation on forums and moderation in alcohol consumption

Sad to see a Fan do that to Cop who just doing his job
Maybe we should stop Selling beer start of 3rd Qrt.

Here another idea The Ticats should Monitor Beer sales more Close.

Keep Beers too 2 a per Seat per Game
Use the Scanner Stripe on Ticket to Monitor Beer Sales.
Here who it would work.
You must show Ticket to buy a Beer
They Swipe the ticket
read the Stripe Then it goes into a Computer Program
It keep track what brought in Alcohol
One you got your two beer You can't buy any more

This will Limit Fans from over Drinking

So.. you want to govern EVRYONE'S right because of a few unruly fans who can't police themselves when it comes to alcohol (who's to say they didn't show up like that)

I drink 4 beers when I go to a game.. 1 per quarter... now you want to tell me I can't??

The Ticats should decided the limit not me
The above is just way to do it
I still would like to see beers sales stop early 3rd Qrt.
LLCBO could stop Beers sales
Like did in Toronto a few years ago
would you rather have Dry Ticats Games ?

You probably don't need to do more than enforce the rules that already exist.

People old enough to drink should be self-policing but, since some aren't, don't sell to the obviously intoxicated and tighten the the screws of the unruly.

Mild to moderate inebriation is a part of the fan experience for a lot of us. I could live without beer at games but I don't want to.

People walk the downtown streets of Hamilton intoxicated and stoned out of their minds all the time anyways.

It's not the Ticat's fault......Ticat games are just a reflection of realty in this city and the Judge should know it better than anyone else :wink: :lol:

I would like to drink as many beers as I choose.... which is something I can do NOW.... this stuff is no different than any other stadium in the CFL, it happens all the time.... IMO this is just the Spec looking to cast dark shadows over the Cats while the great debate is going on

Drinking has been Problem at Ticats Games for years..
This would atleast be answer to Problem
How many fights do see a year at Stadium
I bet everyone is a Drunk fan who's had too much.
I'd rather see beer Limits then a Dry Stadium.

I agree Most people who drink at Games are Carefull
But It only takes 1 drunk fan to cause so much damage
What if get behind the wheel or Hurts someone..

Limits is best way to do this as of now

Drinking has been Problem at Ticats Games for years

Drinking has been Problem for society for years

The man who was arrested for assaulting police has four previous assault convictions. End of story.
The judge should not have used that occurrence to slag the Tiger-Cats. Drunkenness has not been a major problem at games I have attended.
Let's hope the judge makes good on his comment about 90 days in jail not being enough for the seriousness of the offence......especially in light of the man's previous convictions.

Drinking is a problem in society, exactly. Last time I was the Ralph well, it was THE Ralph by the ralphing I saw. Never again for me there unless I got some expensive seats with season ticket holders. Worse than TiCat games I must say.

So you want to punish the vast majority of people that like to have a drink? 99 per cent of the people have a few beers at the game and enjoy themselves. It is also a great money maker for the team and the city.

Just come up with tougher penalties if you assault a police officer or get caught drunk and driving. Hand out serious punishment against unruly beharvious while dring and people with think twice about doing this sort of thing again. Zero tolerance behind the wheel too.

If you really believe that you either don't read the comments on the Spec site(since you post there I know that to be false) or you haven't got a clue about whats offensive and whats not

I can tell you from first hand experience fighting is the exception rather than the rule for the majority of the stadium.

For what its worth, Commonwealth ends alcohol sales at the end of the third quarter, and i've not heard too many complaints about that policy.

The same rule applies here in Hamilton and in Toronto. I believe this has been legislated at the Provincial level, and is probably the same at all stadiums in the CFL.

I suspect the majority of those who are drinking too much are most likely having a few before they get to the game, and/or are smuggling in alcohol. How they behave at the game, and whether they continue to overconsume, well, that's up to the individual, and I have a hard time believing it's an issue just in Hamilton. From what I have seen as a fan, it doesn't appear much worse here than anywhere else. I'm sure we've all seen happy drunks and angry drunks, responsible drinkers, and irresponsible drinkers. Unfortunately you don't know what you're going to get until they start drinking.

If anything, the price of alcohol at events has curbed some of the drinking, along with the societies view on this type of behavious, and I'm pretty sure this has reduced the amount of associated violence and drunkenness.

I feel sorry for those people who were cheering for BC last year who had to be escorted to their cars, but I am sure that fans from the 60's and 70's would tell you if they did that back in those days they probably would have been treated worse, and that was when alcohol was not served in the stands. While I feel sorry these people were treated that way, I wonder just what they were expecting. I don't understand why people think it's a smart idea to parade around at a playoff game with opposing teams colours on, and whoop it up when they win? They feel like they should have the right to wear whatever they want, and behave however they want. If you ask me, it sounds about as intelligent as stopping for directions in the South Side of Chicago or going for a midnight stroll by yourself in Central Park. By all means come on down to the game and enjoy it, but if you don't want to risk being bothered, don't flaunt the fact that you are cheering on the opposition, particularly if they win. I also believe there a numerous stadiums in the US where things are much worse. I'm sure that places like Philly, New York, Boston, and Chicago have there fair share of fighting and drunkenness.


Okay lets clear this up a bit, this guy(not an excellent example of a Ti-Cat fan)was getting tossed for throwing a beer can.

Justice Bernd Zabel found Tiger-Cat fan Daniel Millette guilty of a single count of obstructing a peace officer, in connection with an assault on Hamilton police Constable Edward Penner during the final minutes of the Cats’ 2009 home playoff loss to the B.C. Lions.

And Zabel hit the Tabbies with a judicial forearm in the process, noting Penner and his colleague Constable Mark Stringer were having garbage and spit tossed their way when they came to the assistance of a security guard, who in turn was being roughed up in his bid to oust an unknown beer-can-tossing fan.