Just an idea re:harrasment on team forumns

Hey I just got an idea. Not sure how i feel about it exactly, but I will bounce it off you all, and let you guys decide if you want to.

Since people are complaining about harrasment on team forumns, The site, or the fans of that team, or the current mods or someone, could appoint moderators for each team forum. Say two for each team or so. These individuals could referee and if absolutely needed delete posts that are really really unneeded.

Just an idea, and I thought I would tell you guys.

I personally don't think its that neccesary, but I don't really visit the team forums that often so I don't witness most of the stuff.

When I first saw the team forum section, I thought only fans of that team could enter. I find them mostly pointless, because what is said in those forums could easily be found in the main forum. I say get rid of them all together or make it like a 'member only' entry. However, if they do stay, I like the idea of being able to delete the dribble posts, except it would probably wreck the continuity of the topics if some were deleted. After re-reading my post, I appear to be riding the fence quite well so I will just shut up on this topic.

On paper, Billy, it looks like it could be a good idea; however, I foresee more problems created. Likely what would happen is you'd have the team reps simply getting rid of posts willy-nilly, having fans of other teams complaining because they felt their posts are being targeted simply because of the team they support, etc.....I don't think it would really make things any better in the long run.

I volunteer for the Bombers.

I agree it might cause problems. I just thought I would suggest it. I think you would get people that would not delete posts "willy-nilly". or at least try to

This isn't what happens on the main forum, why would it happen in the team forums, and if it does, give the main forum mods superpowers to take away team forum mods powers. I volunteer for riders forum....

I typically only check the main forum, unless one of the "latest posts" at the top of the screen are in someone else's forum. Or, if I'm rrreeeeeeeeaaaaallly bored. :slight_smile:

I guess if people are getting harassed on their own teams' site, maybe there should be a way to lock repeat offenders out of a certain area on the forums. I'm dum with puters, so I don't know how/if you could do that, but I bet smart people know how.

Good points, but I still don't see it really solving anything. Harrassment issues are supposed to be brought up immediately anyway - particularly if they are targeted at specific people.....other than that, it seems that the teams right now are capable of holding their own. This could get out of hand, and tough to manage, with mods for team forums, mod for the group forum, mods to mod the mods..... :smiley:

......there is a cross section of mods already representing some teams.....and between us we patrol the various forums and try to weed out the riffraff from the good guys/gals.......personally I don't like the idea of closing the various team forums off to anyone, I think it is a good thing to have open discussion with all fans, regardless of the colours they fly........from a website mgmt p.o.v. having one big forum might be ungainly as the amount of current topics is large and you may find a topic you're interested in virtually disappear overnight due to the flood of other topics.....keeping them somewhat separated, or compartmentalized, makes for better access and review.......

......btw....I endorse the idea of at least one mod for every team......we currently do not have rep-mods for the Lions, Blue Bombers, Tiger-Cats, Argonauts or Renegades........(there is an entrant exam KK before you go all crazy on us).......if you are interested in stepping forward and representing your team as a mod send a pm to CFL.pm with your request.....CFL.pm will query some of the other mods on your on-line behaviour to form an opinion and go from there.........

I like to bash more than anyone on this site.
However, I do not go on other teams forums.
It is called respect.
I would love to go to the rider one,and bash the hell out of them.
That is their forum.That is where they can go whine about every single thing.
I would like it if they would do that there.Then the rest of us wouldn't have to here the whiners!!!!!!

But saskargo, who would you bash then if it weren't for those rider fans that are foolish enough to cross you?

I don't count myself in there as I try to stay on your good side. :slight_smile:

First of all monkey.
I don't like a$$ kissers.
I would like the riders to stay on this forum.However the whining has to go!!!
Always have to blame something or someone.
When the riders beat my argos.Did I say any excuses?No, I took the loss.
I didn't say the refs were bad,or anything like that.
I even said the better team won that night.
I know it was just one game.We can't win all the time.
Just most of the time.

Yeah, I noticed there are some mindless posts on the individual sites...Lions suck, Calgary sucks, Eskies sucks...etc, etc, etc, these are usually by people who get their pass word the same day. Other than issuing an IQ test If the mods can clean up that kind of crap it would make it better.

Not kissing anything saskargo, just figured that since we had a bit of an agreement yesterday that although we cheer for different teams, there was a wee bit of respect there.

That's all, nothing else

I have no problem cleaning up that kind of garbage but we all need to agree that it should be done. Unless it is really crosses the line I don't think any of the mods will take it upon them selves to delete them.

Just ignore them!!
Nobody is telling you to read them.