just an idea for Ottawa

this is just an idea, I have a creative imagination. But, if Ottawa does want a team that bad, and has enough supporters, they could try doing a community ownership type of thing. Green Bay did this back in the 50's-60's, and how it works is people in the community buy shares of the team, and the person who buys the most shares is the majority owner, and basically appoints the staff, however, that person can still be over ruled by enough minority share holders, remember, it's just an idea.

the bombers ,the riders, and eskimos are community owned..

I made that suggestion in the Ottawa forum, but they think its an idea that wont fly. Yet, no one is willing to give it a shot. My theory is that some of fans in Ottawa want everything handed to them, that the CFL owes them. The league owes them nothing, its up to Ottawa fans to show the rest of the league that they want football back.

Agreed Sambo. I also suggested this a long time ago. For some reason cities East of Winnipeg have a problem with community ownership. I’m not sure if that’s because they don’t have a clue how to do it, don’t care, think it’s a communist plot, or just don’t have the same level of community involvement that Western cities have. They do seem to need a white knight to ride into town and do it all for them however.

I do know that before Ottawa can do anything they need to fix their decrepit stadium.

i am sure Hamilton could pull it off if they needed to

I still disagree with that last part...The last time something like this was tried the funds raised ended up being squandered. And when Rough Rider fans had been asked to buy X-amounts of seasons tickets, or game tickets, they always came through but to no results.

You can only go to that well so often before people stop believing in its usefulness. I would guess that there's no confidence in this type of project anymore for that reason.

hey sambo, do you own rider shares? and i believe it can be done, if Sask can pull it off with a population of 175, 000 in Regina, Ottawa can with a population of 1 million, that is saying there are as many fans as ottawa says there are.

wikipedia says the renegades are considering a move to Kingston

What happened to that scheme in Ottawa with the real estate developers and the stadium plan that was announced last year?

I went over to Ottawa for 1 game. Was on vacation in east. Went to first game of Renegades. Played our Riders first Renegades game ever. 1 of the best CFL games Ive ever been to. Great stadium. That canal by it is beautiful. Did I read they are tearing stadium down? If so. To bad.

They're stil interested, but other people also suggested plans when it appeared as though the city was now willing to give up some of the land in return for development. So they're determining what the parameters of the bids should be and will decide on one from there.

There's a thread about it in the Ottawa folder.

They have to. The south side (lower deck) was found to have cracks in it that might make it unsafe.

They're now trying to determine what people want out of Lansdowne Park. Many in the neighborhood would like the stadium fully or partly demolished because of the traffic and noise during events, but they're drawing little sympathy. That's stadium's been there for longer than most of the residents. Don't move across the street from a church then complain about the bells.

Thanks for the updates CRF :slight_smile:

Happy to. :thup:

So...3 teams are community owned...and that's suddenly the smart way to go?
From what I've read about this Saskatchewan "shareholder" plan is...you give them money....they give you a "share"...and you get discounts back on their merchandise.
Which isn't exactly what I believe the Packers shareholders get out of their investment.
Apples and oranges.

It works for 3 of 8 in the league, J-93...not exactly a resounding failure...

I think rpaege is right though that it doesn't seem to be as feasible for the Eastern teams for some reason.

What are the four biggest cities by population in Canada right now? Is it still Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa? Calgary has been on the grow, but I don't know at what point they're at.

Anyway, those also happen to be the cities with recent attendance issues (plus Hamilton). So I don't think it's an East/West thing, I think it's a population thing.

I believe Ottawa should look at community ownership, or at least look to see what kind of interest is out there. If you don't have enough interest, at least you know how may are willing to try to bring CFL football back. I believe that is essential to show the league that the fans are serious about wanting the CFL back in the nation's capital. The right kind of marketing and exposure, community ownership could work.

I'd be open to it. They'd need to have it spearheaded by someone credible though, like when Jim Durrel got involved in the past. Jeff Hunt would be a good candidate if he knows anything about this stuff.

A gentleman named Mickey Green tried something like that in (about) 1998 or 1999 and had a decent head of steam going for a while, but I don't know why it petered out.

Besides owning shares gets you things! Check out the great discounted souvinirs the shareholders get! :wink: :wink: :wink:

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