Just Amazing

At The beginning of todays game it appeared the Alouettes had finally got their game together.Calvillo showed a crisp passing game which was enabled by the running of Edwards and the team should have been up by fourteen to zip. However a missed field goal,dropped passes,the inability to complete drives and penalties indicated this was a team without discipline and without hope.
In the last minutes of the game,however,the team played with the punch the loyal fans have been looking for all season. Calvillo called a mixed attack with the running of Edwards complimenting his short passes.The defense held Toronto with Ed Philion playing an outstanding game.A good passing game featuring Watkins and Cahoon-the passing stats were excellent.A great Effort!
For this team to succeed it is essential that they retain this balanced approach and have Edwards carry the ball often perhaps showing the end around play with someone like Wakins who has the required speed.Even Calvillo showed that,in a pinch, he can run.Thryon Anderson was a non entity and it appears that the Als,unlike most clubs,have difficulty with the third and one situation. Today they could not make a needed two inches.It is difficult to believe that the Als,due to weakness in the east,have won the east division.Just amazing!.

Welll t be fair its not that they could not make it......They took a dumb penality

Not just once but twice.

Hey... I guess someone had to win.

yeah it was an exciting ending to the game and it's fantastic they won,I'm still not overly convinced they are a Grey Cup team though.
But then all the Eastern teams are looking pretty weak.
Today kind of felt like battle of the Cream Puff teams.

Any-team that makes the playoffs is a Grey Cup team. We have already had 2 teams with 8-10 records take the cup this decade. With the one game playoff system all is takes is that a team comes together at the right time.

I found it interesting that the Als running game got moving when Pop pulled Chiu out of the game.
Its about time they try something cause Chiu has been awful all year. He needs to get his s h i t
together. His game has dropped big time.

I still think the Als won't get past Toronto (let's face it -- the Argos are going to pancake injury-ridden Winnipeg), but it's nice to see them not lay down and die the way they did last week.

Anderson had another one of his 'lazily run route, break it off 0.5 seconds later, and stroll to the sidelines' moments. I hate this guy so much, he's a morale killer, and he contributes nothing to the team. I hope Watkins is okay after that cheap Argo hit.

On the 2nd and inches play when the Als went with da long bomb, the field was wide opened in front of Calvillo. The first down was garanteed if he ran. But he trew it downfield. As much as I appreciate the idea to catch the opponent off-guard with an unexpected long play, Anderson was the bomb target and that made me think the QB run had so much more potential...

Almost ANY play has more potential than a pass to Anderson.