Just a thought

I dont know how injured Dorsey is, how many games he will miss but

If the ticats were to give up on this season, with the argos still in the run

Perhaps the argos might trade dorsey for some valuable immediate help.

Stranger things have happened, and its not so bad for hamilton to give up talent to get talent as clearly this team is lacking chemistry as is.

Go ahead obie, give them a call. Think about Dorsey next yr, what uniform do you want him wearing.

Maybe the argos will take printers and ....

specially now that they have stokes. Might work out for them.

The Ticats no longer seem interested in playing Williams, and Lumsden is leaving next year without us getting any compensation, it seems.

Right now, I would trade either one of those guys straight up for Dorsey in a heartbeat, then send Tre Smith on the first bus out of town.

I think that would be a fair trade.

cant write off williams yet, unless he has pissed someone off by voicing his justified displeasure.

Printers and Lumsden for Dorsery works for me, or Printers and Smith.

two starters for another import running back? okee

its about kick returns and all purpose yardage.

name 3 ticat players whose combined total was as high before dorsey was injured??

probably can, but the difference wont be much

dorsey 2900

smith 1640
lumsden 640
caulley 630

tell me again how dorsey isnt needed.

Dorsey is possibly out for the season with a high ankle sprain.

which means he would be a good investment for next season

between jamal robertson and stokes, it might not be that hard to get dorsey for next yr.

If Tyler Ebell makes a good recovery, things get even more crowded.