just a thought

Maybe Desjardins is trading and cutting all these people so that he can get a free agent who is costly, say RYAN THELWELL!

that isvery possible!
and would be good!

I had the same thought about the Argo cuts a few weeks ago. I’m hoping they use the money that they freed up to get a quality replacement for Damon Allen.

It’s all about the cap.

An Argo fan

Barney, unless they go south of the border, or make a huge deal with a team (BC, off the top of my head) then you're going to have to wait another year. Besides, it looks like Crouch could become your new starter in the next few years.

I think Bishop has the inside track of becoming the next QB in T.O. that is unless he goes back to the AFL.
As for Thelwell, I'm neither for or against signing him but I wouldn't give him big $$$. I think he benefitted a lot by playing with Simon and Clermont.

Thelwell would be a nice pickup, especially since our receiving core right now is absolutely terrible.

Also, on the topic of Bishop. He's getting older (although not too old), and enjoys parading off to the AFL so he can start there. The Argonauts have to think about that. Sure he's just trying to make money so he can live, but there are other ways. Not too mention, Bishop just isn't that great of a quarterback in the first place. Don't get me wrong, right about now, I'd snap him up in a heartbeat, but he's certainly not someone you'd want for a permanent fix at Quarterback. (Unless you're an AFL team)