JUST A THOUGHT!---->take a look BOB

ok, i have went throught many posts about the need for a new stadium, many people have said many things...it is obvious we need a new stadium, and will never get funding from the govt.how does this sound as a proposal: set up an account for a stdium fund, who ever wants to donate can, any amount is fine. from there, we convince bob to match dollar for dollar all the donations.as a organiztion the cats can goto a big business(dofasco) and get them to match $$$$ for $$$$ ALL THE DONATIONS.ok after all that is complete, approach all three levels og govt and request the remaining balance.i dont know if this could work but is it worth a try???? let me know your thoughts

I like IWS

I won't pay penny more then what I pay Every Season to see them
about 1500.00 a year

That's Enough

I won't pay penny more the what pay Every Season to see them 1500.00 a year
A Box J is $503.00 for a ticket....where is the other $1000??

i am not talking about making large donations, i mean even $1 at each game, pennies who cares...i love IWS also, my fondest memories are from going to games with my father ....BUT...we need to face reality, sooner rather than later we need a new stadium, i sure as hell would rather my money goin towards a brand new stadium which could host other events, than an old stadium that is falling apart/toilets dont flush/planks of 2x6 seats etc.....

joemac, I laud your enthusiasm. But Hamilton city council probably goes as what they see happen in Toronto meaning that if Toronto puts on an excellent Grey Cup this year, maybe, maybe Hamilton city council will take notice and say we want this here too every so often to put Hamilton on the map. We'll see but if the Grey Cup doesn't turn out in Toronto this year, and every indication we've been reading is that this will not be the case, then this will put any reno's or new stadium in Hamilton on the backburner using gov't money.

Toronto is the key to football and the stadium in Hamilton IMHO.

screw that, i wont pay a dime tickets already r a lil much for what i make. its tough makin a livin nowadays

I also like IWS.

I'd like to check more than one box.

NO donations from me.

Ticket 503
Gas 200
Food 200
Parking 180
Ticats Stuff 500 a year

Yeah, I guess a new jersey for every backup QB we bring in can get a tad expensive.

Of course, with free bus service to games, and the ability to eat and drink before and after the game, and also discretion in buying Ticat's stuff...most of that extra money is by choice and not necessary to attend a game.

Expect pennies but at a stadium cost of $80,000,000.00, 8,000,000,000 (that reads 8 billion) pennies will be needed to make pay day.

8 billion divided by 25,000 fans/game X 10 games/yr X 1/2 = 16,000 years!

I can wait, but will Bob be around in 16,000 years?

....how about the City of Hamilton actually do something for a change for the love of sport?

Ivor wynne needs some improvements but it is still the best place to see a football game!Please get rid of the bee problem in Box J!

Please get rid of the bee problem in Box J!
No way...those are The Box J Bees!!!

Well maybe if you didn't spill your beers all over the place you wouldn't have a bee problem. :lol:

what about a community owned approach?

Sell out shares like the Roughriders did for THEIR TEAM.

The cost of a reasonable (and expandable for GC) 35,000 seat stadium would cost COULD POSSIBLY be raised, fund the rest privately, and with naming rights and w/ some gov't help it could be done.

Just a thought.

clarification, no way in HELL do i DONATE anything, although a pseudo-ownership would be acceptable.

I love IWS, perhaps we should be thinking of fixing it up rather than a new stadium.

I can wait, but will Bob be around in 16,000 years?
I'll do my best. ;-)