Just a Thought --- Interesting Roster Thoughts

While everyone is trying to play GM and entitled to there opinion i would like to make some interesting roster move suggestions (play GM) just for the fun of it.

  1. Many people are not happy with Fred Reid and want to see Bernard PLUS Jesse Lumsden rumours ---- OK sign Matell Mallett and trade Reid, there a younger and bigger back and Reid might bring us a high pick or a reciever (example), bring in Lumsden on an incentive ladin contract and maybe make a move for another Canadian back for Bernard (hello McCarty) ---There no more arguing over who should start Reid or Bernard. Now it can be Mallett, McCarty or Lumsden ... LOL and a reciever to boot.

See isn't playing GM a fun game?

  1. Make a move for Ricky Ray (in the offseason) if Jyles DOES not prove he can get the job done over the next 9 games, why not? Ray, jyles, Pierce, Brink, Elliot (what a QB controversy that would be) :lol:

  2. Want more leadership? OK let's bring back Hebert at 150K/Year (at the very least) and lets go into the RED some more --- Keep Logan at safety and replace Lobendahn with Hebert (who has never played LB)


Actually that was pretty fun ---- I like my Martell Mallett idea though!! ----- wait i am good, maybe for all those negative fans out there HIRE ME as GM since Mack is not doing a good job. And why don't i fire LaPo and hire oh i don't know Mike Kelly (yes i went there .... LOL ...) :lol:


I forgot to add let's bring in more vets on an already good/young defense, so we should go after Juran Bolden, Kelly Malveux and Anthony marlborough to replace Beasley, Suber and Kent!! Seriously :roll:

...i hope you want to bring in some of these vets. in a 'teaching/consulting' role, bluengold....cuz i 'm a litttle worried that a few of them don't have anything left in the tank :wink:

Martell Mallett was signed to the Eagles PR. He's not available.