Just a Suggestion

Hey guys, after watching the BB dismal performance last night...Berry obviously is looking to make some changes....So considering Kevin Glenn is out for at least a month...what do you guys think of a possible trade that would bring Brazzell to Montreal for Brady and and pick....Brazzell is obviously not comfortable with the BB system and Brady is worth more in my opinion than just holding a clipboard...Any suggestions

Brazzell wasn't comfortable in the Cats system either, perhaps he isn't comfortable any more in the league ie. maybe he doesn't have it anymore?

brazzell just isn't comfortable with coverage. with milt drawing the defenders off brazzell he is fine. he cannot be a #1 receiver though as he can't beat man coverage nor find wholes in a zone. having said that i am still happy to have him on our roster as long as stegall gets back soon.

Brazzell will never be the big #1 guy, but he’s a decent #2 when you have Milt in there taking away coverage. At the same time, Milt too has looked better with Brazzel in there. Teams still have to account for the odd possibility of Brazz burning them for a long one. I guess that deal would hinder on what exactly you think of Brady as a capable backup. He looked good in TO a few years back, not so much since then.

It would be a good move for the BB’s since they probably would want to get rid of Brazzel’s contract, which is why Hamilton traded him for nothing.

I don’t know if Montreal would take his contract though, they seem to be very careful how they spend their money, and seem to prefer bringing in players from outside the league.

Brazzel is a never was and a never will be! Thats see he did not like the Eskie system, the Hamilton system and now the bomber system! :lol: Can anyone say Kamu Peterson!

I cant see why Montreal would want to make a trade with a division rival, I suspect they would rather see the Bombers continue to flounder and unless you throw to Brazzell early and often, he tends to disappear.

I question his concentration in man to man coverage. I agree,I don't see Montreal trading with Winnipeg for anybody anytime soon!I'd be surprised if the Bombers didn't make a pitch for Printers if he were available.

Scotty, Printers will not be back in the CFL this year and possibly the following year. He go a big signing bonus and really if he fails his agent will get him more try outs in the CFL. He will hang around down there for couple of years. Also the NFL pension is attractive!

Good points! It would be nice to see him back in our league though. I,like many others enjoyed watching him perform.

Sounds like a trade, but will Montreal go for it?

NO they wont

well then, as far as ideas for a better WPG backup ans starter, NEXT!!!

T.J. Rubley, your life is calling.