Just A Reminder...

Ok you guys, Im just going to ask again what was already asked...

If/when we win the Grey Cup tomorrow, dont be jackasses. We'll all be happy and crazy and everything else (which is good).

At the same time, if we lose (God forbid...) tomorrow, dont be jackasses.

I dont just mean for tomorrow, I mean for the year. We will have bragging rights (if we win), but there is bragging and there is being a jackass. We all know how some people act when their team is on top (I wouldnt be suprised if they decided to post here and knock me for posting this). But when they lose, they disappear or become totally bitter when the team loses. Lets not be like that. Lets be gracious winners or losers. No matter what happens, we should all be proud of our team! GO RIDERS!!!!

Feel free to add to this...

RIDERS IN 07!!!!

right there beside you. let's show some of those other "fans" what being a graceful winner (or heaven forbid loser) is all about.

Go Riders

For sure. But just like the BC game last week, there were those amongst us, despite a very similar thread, who kinda weren't so humble. Mind you, I don't recall any of the posters in the thread breaking their word - it was others who didn't join the "pact". Oh well, there will always be the rebels ...

I will be at Mosaic Stadium at 3:00 Monday regardless of the outcome.
Go Riders

You see...Ive already won....recently I've experienced an evolution as a fan and poster here at CFL.ca. I mean, I'd love to see the Cup rest where I believe it belongs for a year, but in actuality I feel as if I've already won the bigger prize, humility and gratitude.

I'm very sure there are others. Enjoy every minute tomorrow guys and girls! Cheers.


And please don't trash our gorgious cities and towns if we win. Pour into the streets, but please don't vandilize or anything like that.

Amen, takes a bigger person to not say anything.

If the Riders win today, I will be one of the first to congradulate you.

Dust, I like your sig but the Bomber colour is Blue. Can you make the the guy receiving the ball Blue and the guy kicking the ball Green. Thank you.