Just a reminder about tonight's Edmonton/Winnipeg game

Hey guys,

Don't forget to tune in tonight [check local listings] when Winnipeg meets up with Edmonton. Be sure to be cheering for Winnipeg. [not you of course backer@oldclarke].

Winnipeg wants to break the deadlock with Montreal. Both are in 1st place with 9 wins each so Winnipeg will be coming out guns ablazing. Edmonton of course is in a dead heat with our Lions and the Stampeders. Given the mediocre game the Esks had against the cellar dwellers, Saskatchewan Rough Riders, last week I'm liking Winnipeg's chances. A Bomber win and it will help the Lions this weekend.

Enjoy the game. :thup:

Time, ticking away the moments in an off hand way :stuck_out_tongue: - Pink Floyd == The game is Saturday at 4:00 o'clock Pacific time.