Just a quick question

Im just lazy i guess and dont want to try and look through the rule book for this but maybe somebody can clear this up here for me..

Why wasnt butler's int a safety for the ticats?? he intercepted the football outside of his endzone then went into his own endzone and was tackled by a ticat. is that not a safety??

Butler's momentem carried him into the end zone, therefore no safety or single and ball at the 25. The refs could have given us pity points, but it's not allowed.

I believe his momentum carried him into the endzone.

alright, ya his momentum carried him in for sure i just wasnt sure if there was a rule on that or not

They allow for a 2-3 yard window at the goal-line for the players momentum to carry them through. I must say though what a play by Butler!

If the ball is thrown beyond the receiver there is no way the riders get the interception. Burris has not got the arm.

I completely agree it was slightly underthrown! I still think it was a great play by Butler though, the way he came in at the last second. Hopefully Stephen was taking notes!

Completely underthrown, Ellingson was behind the coverage, just as Bagg was for his 2 TDs

See how Bulter is reaching for the ball in this pic? That should be Ellingson, and if it was, those 2 green defenders would hardly even be in that pic.


Completely underthrown would have had Ellingson stop running. It was slightly underthrown making Ellingson turn back to the ball. Butler made a great play, do not know why you cant acknowledge it. Burris did not look off the safety and it cost him. Could it have been thrown a little better yes, but Butler saved this from being a TD.

I don't acknowledge it because I respectfully disagree with you.

When you are that far behind the coverage, you do not stop running! That allows the D to catch up a defend you. Which is exactly what is happening with Miller (#14) in the pic there

A flat out poor pass by Burris, missing an open receiver.

That play was very similar to Bagg's 2 TDs.

From Rule 6, Section 4, Article 12:

NOTE: If a Team B player intercepts a pass in the Field of Play while moving toward the Team B Goal Line and momentum carries that player into the Goal Area, the play shall be ruled as an interception in goal.
At the time of the play I thought Sask should start from their 1 yard line because Butler went down at the 1 and slid into the endzone, putting his forward progress at the 1. I guess he would have had to have been touched down outside the goal line for that ruling to happen.

It was an underthrown pass that Burris might have gotten away with (as QBs often do), were it not for Butler's excellent play on the ball. Similarly, a one-handed interception by a DB is still a praise-worthy play, even if a receiver fell down on the same play. Defenders don't always capitalize on offensive miscues, but in this instance, Butler clearly did.

Thank you, exactly what I was trying to say!

Burris was also throwing into that powerful wind so more than likely the ball hung up. Just look at how brutal the punts were when they had to kick in that direction.

If the Cats had anything resembling a ground game then they could have run the ball in the 2nd and 4th quarters and used a shorter passing game with screens and crossing routes to speedy guys like Chevon Walker. Instead they're throwing deep balls against a stiff wind. I blame the OC for this poor play calling.

That call is up to the discretion of the official. If the official thinks his momentum carried him into the endzone it's not a safety touch. However, where is the line drawn?
This happened a few years ago in the NFL, I think with a player from Miami. The player intercepted a pass about the 10 yard line and kept running into the endzone, the officials ruled it was a safety. After that the NFL changed the rule to I believe anything inside the 5 line your momentum can carry you into the endzone, outside of that your momentum has the time to stop.
I'm not sure if the CFL, has such a rule but this may come up at the Board of Governors meeting in the off season to clarify how much distance is needed to stop your momentum.

I was at the game, and this pretty much sums it up. Burris was actually throwing some nice looking passes into the wind, there were just a couple that sailed on him. I thought he had a lot more trouble with the wind at his back with his throws.

That all being said, you can't throw the ball 90% of the time in those conditions. Considering the game was close until the final play of the 3rd quarter, there was no excuse to not run the ball more.