Just a question about the cap

With the salary cap being enforced next year I was wondering about how this will effect trades. If a team is right at its limit and it wants to trade a player with a salary of $100,000 for a player with a salary of $110,000 would that trade be impossible without dropping salary elsewhere?

That could have a huge impact on how trades are done in the CFL.

it will have an impact on trades....

unless the team wants to pay the penalty ( which is always an option )?

It is not a hard cap. My understanding is that it is a dollar for dollar penaly up to $100,000. Between $100K to $300K, it is a 2 dollar for dollar fine, and for anything above $300K, it is 3 dollars per dollar fine, and the loss of draft picks. My numbers might be slightly off, but if the theoretical trade mentioned here only puts a team over the cap by $10k, and they are willing to pay a $10K fine, they could do it.

This is, of course, all dependent on when the CFL gets around to hiring a new Commissioner, and if he is going to enforce the cap, or implement "changes" that some teams want.

larrysmiles - you are correct. In the NFL, where a hard cap is enforced, this trade would be impossible, unless another player was deleted from the roster.

However, as far as your comment about the new Commissioner enforcing the cap, this is not a decision that is made by the Commissioner, but the BOG, I believe.

is there ANY decision in the CFL that is made by the commish, and not the BOG

A change to the Constitution, which is what non-enforcement of the cap would be, requires a vote of the BOG. No Commissioner has, or should have, this type of unilateral power.

However, to answer your question, "yes", the Commissioner will decide on many things - just not those that involve changing governing documents. This would be akin to a judge deciding he doesn't like a law, and then changing the Criminal Code of Canada.

Agreed. Any commish that tries to push something through but which does not have the BOG 100% support ends up getting fired. I have heard that there are two guys in particular that you do not want to p*ss ff: Braley and Wettenhall.