Just a cool moment

Ran into Bill "the Undertaker" Baker and his wife at the grocery store last evening. (Former Rider and BC Lions player, and Rider GM). (Please note--"ran into" is not meant literally. I probably would still be unconscious if it was!)

He was wearing his Lions' GC ring. We talked about the Hucklack incident from a couple of days ago, and he said the biggest surprise was that anyone could take anything from Hucklack. (One exact quote was, "He's a pretty big guy. I don't know how a couple of kids would be stupid enough to mess with him.")

Of note for those CFL only types who hate the NFL....even though he was wearing his BC ring, he was decked out COMPLETELY (jacket, sweats, shirt, and hat) in New Orleans Saints gear.

Its funny, I didn't even know he lived around here. Seems like a very nice man, except that he doesn't hate John Daley. :?

Anyways, means nothing. Just thought it was cool and so I shared. :smiley:

I wonder what would happen if someone tried to take the "undertakers" ring away? Ass whooping I imagine.

probably easier than taking the undertakers belt away :wink: