Jurior Football (CJFL/LFJQ)

Thing I'm really curios about the CJFL is it's defunct teams, does anybody have a list of all of them?

http://www.cjfl.ca/ http://www.qjfl.ca/

So far, I've been able to come up with this many teams.

Hamilton Hurricanes
Montreal Jr Concordes
Oshawa Hawkeyes
Ottawa Sooners
Regina Rams
Renfrew Trojans
St Hubert Rebelles
St Vital Mustangs
Surrey Rams
Tri-City Bulldogs
Vancouver Island Sharks
Vancouver Meralomas
Victoria Payless
Winnipeg Hawkeyes

and I read this article by this one guy about a team which I can't remember.

The renfrew trojans are still alive but changed their name to Vancouver. Surry rams moved to South Fraser. Regina Rams switched leagues and are now in the CIS. Many of these teams are still in existance, but have moved or switched leagues.

Thanks mate, are there any teams that I’m missing?

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I would LOVE to have a complete list of all the defunct teams of the CJFL, I have all them for the LFJQ and the MJFL is anyone's guess, but not the CJFL.

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Add Richmond Raiders and Kamloops Cowboys (Played only 1 season) to the "Defunct" Junior Teams.

yeah, Richmond moved to Nanaimo, and became the Vancouver Island Raiders, I remember now. Victoria almost moved there.

I here the Kamloops Cowboys are coming back though.

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