Jurassic Park/Maple Leafs Square

What will they do tomorow night from 7:00PM until the end of the basketball game?

Last night saw the return of thousands turning out to watch the Leafs game in Maple Leafs Square - just outside the ACC. Tomorrow with a 5:30PM tip-off to the Raps home playoff game - undoubtedly the late afternoon early evening crowd will be dominated by those decked out in Jurassic Park/Raptors gear with thousands of Raps fans gathering outside as 20,000 pour into the ACC to watch the game.

But what happens outside when the Leafs Game 2 in Washington starts shortly after 7:00PM? The basketball game won't end until between 8:00PM - 8:30PM.

Do they go to a split screen outside and the fans out there start with merged cheers? Lets Go Raptors!, Go Leafs Go!, Lets Go Raptors! Go Leafs Go!

Do they stick with basketball until the game is over and then flip from Jurassic Park to Maple Leafs Square mode as thousands pour out from the ACC. Do they start showing the Leafs game inside the ACC when the basketball game ends and invite the Raptors/Leafs fans to stay and watch?

I wonder who is having to make these - nice to have for once - decisions at MLSE.

Unlike last year when by now everything in and round the ACC was all Raptors red - this year the entire area is almost schizophrenic looking decked out in support of both teams. These shots I took walking through the Galleria area between Union Station and the ACC the other night on my way home from the Jays game.



Not this again. :thdn:

I wish Jurassic Park would go extinct.


It should really be a zoo in and around Jurassic Park/Maple Leafs Square tomorrow. The kids usually arrive there as much as 90 minutes before the game. So they will be there just as 20,000+ try to work there way into the ACC and at the same time many of the 30,000 or so leaving from the Jays game will all be trying to squeeze into and past that same area to get to Union Station GO Trains and subways to leave. With the construction that place will be insane.

Even with just the 25,000 or so Jays crowd exiting the game the other night with some of the ongoing Union Station construction it was pretty packed in places. They added an extra westbound GO Train to help accommodate the crowd coming from the Jays game - and that was for a relatively mid-sized crowd of just 25,000. With a bigger Jays crowd plus the ACC crowd on top of the Maple Leafs Square crowd that will spill over on to Bremner Avenue - good luck getting anywhere fast. I’m sure GO and the TTC will have special plans to handle tomorrow’s craziness.

I have no idea who the Craptors are playing but I hope they lose in 4(?).

They are playing the Milwaukee Bucks. They 'should' win in probably 6 games - but with how inconsistent the Raps have been at times in the last couple of months - who knows. The Raps almost never win Game 1 at home which always makes things tough on them.

On the attendance front the Raps have sold out something like 151 games in a row now. They finished 3rd in home attendance during the regular season in the NBA this year. That matches the Jays last season who finished 3rd in MLB in 2016. The Leafs finished 5th this past season in the NHL. Last year TFC finished 4th in the MLS. Marlies finished 11th out of 30 in the AHL this past seaason.

http://www.espn.com/nba/attendance http://www.espn.com/mlb/attendance/_/year/2016 http://www.espn.com/nhl/attendance http://soccerstadiumdigest.com/2016-mls-attendance/ [url=http://www.hockeydb.com/nhl-attendance/att_graph_season.php?lid=AHL1941&sid=2017]http://www.hockeydb.com/nhl-attendance/ ... 1&sid=2017[/url]

Argos of course - nowhere to go but up in the CFL.


Thank goodness I am now old enough to actually want to avoid going to Toronto to feel "with it" all the time unless I have to go there to visit family or perhaps a health appointment I need which I can't get in Hamilton.

Used to love going to Toronto for sports and music when I was younger. I hate it now as I'm older and value how I spend my money and time travelling to Toronto for whatever. I'm much pickier now.

Even though I lived in TO for 25 years and loved it - so glad I'm back in Hamilton now. For me it has just passed that too crowded, too busy, too expensive, too rushed threshold in the last 5-8 years or so.

And the best part - about 90 minutes or less from my door to the gate at the ACC, BMO Field, or Rogers Centre on either the GO Train or GO bus for any Raps, Leafs, TFC, Jays and Argos games I want to go to.

Other than the 10-15 trips a year for those - these days I'm only in TO two or three other times a year - and that suits me just fine.

A gathering of poor people who can't afford tickets and don't have cable to watch at home...

Well the Jurassic Park crowd certainly did not have anything to cheer about as the Raps completely laid an egg in the second half. Perhaps the worst half of the season shooting only 20% as the Bucks blew them away. 9 opening game losses in a row - tying an NBA record for the Raps. Ouch!.

It looked like the outdoor crowd - which not only filled the square but spilled a block down Bremner Avenue was ready for the Leafs game on now - as there were as many Leafs shirts as Raps. Hopefully they'll have more to cheer about.

So far a 1-1 day for Toronto with a Jays win and the Raps loss. The Leafs and - oh yeah almost forgot - TFC playing right now. (Is anybody watching them?)

Poor TSN - that is the only game of the four they have on their airwaves.

They lost? That's a shame. :lol:

I just want the media to quit making Dart Guy into a national celebrity... he just another annoying Leafs fan...

Amen! :thup:

The end of Dart Guy!!!!! yes, yes, yes. :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Dart Guy actually gave a pair of extra tickets he had to tonight's game to a father and son who got ripped off on a Kajiji $800 purchase of bogus Leafs tickets to tonight's game.

Classy move by an apparently classy Leafs fan.

Not necessarily. Over the last few games they've actually been interviewing some people who drove for several hours to Toronto to be part of the Maple Leafs Square/Jurassic Park 'experience'. The other day they interviewed a family of Leafs fans from Cleveland who drove up to be a part of the crowd because they thought that would be so much better an experience than just watching on TV at home.

Others they interviewed travelled froom places like Windsor, London, Kingston and Oshawa and of course those in the GTHA because they 'wanted to be part of it'.

So as of tomorrow - its no longer Maple LEafs Squae - it is all about Jurassic Park.

Let's Go Raptors!

This will be the fashion for tonight's Raps Game 5 at the ACC.


Cool! :thup:

Well the Raps did that the hard way. Up by 25 with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter looking like they were coasting to a rout - only to go in the tank and only score 7 points over the next 14 minutes of game time - looking AWFUL as they did that. Falling behind by two with 3 minutes to go in the game - looking like we were for sure heading to a Game 7 - when suddenly the Raps recovered and pulled it out to win by three.

Next up Lebron and the Cavs.

They are OUT!!!