Juran Bolden.

i heard he might come back, i also heard we offered a contract of 150k to come back and play he’s just exploring NFL for a job wouldn’t blame him either the least he gets paid is 750k cuz he’s a veteran.i dunno if any1 else heard this but i think if we got him back this would be a dynomite defensive year,

....seems Taman has been in touch with Bolden.....just a chance he'll come back and finish his career as a Bomber, is what i heard....it would be nice to seem at tc. ...then a huge decision would have to made on who you would have to let go to accomodate him....we'll see :roll:

how bout that ChickenJockey OhPeeOnATree or whatever his name is.

3 more years of Bolden sounds like a pretty good deal. he can play here until he's 35(he's 32 now, 33 before the Edmonton season opener)

He would look great at the Safety spot, but the Bombers do seem commited to playing a NI there.Hebert would move to LB

He could play that OLB spot, as Bolden is bigger then Charlton. Bolden is built for it and he should be used to some physical stuff as the NFL game is SUPPOSED to be ever so tough.
Bolden - year contract at 150K a year = very good deal.
Trade St.Germain for 1-2 picks and the blue are set cap wise, there is no way the Blue would be at 4M without Bolden, and with these changes that turns a 4M team salary to 4.2-4.3M

Bolden should be good for ticket sales too.

Bolden would be a nice pick up. I also heard the bombers don't expect Ike to stick in the NFL and be back later as well. If Bolden signs and Ike returns our D will be killer this year.

especially if ike comes back to. imo that would put our D over the top

When he started as a rookie I said this Kid is the best talent we've had in years; when he came back I just said he was the best corner I'd ever seen. If he wants to return I think open arms are the words of the day!

Nice post...billy.

...has anyone had an update on Bolden ....nfl seems to be cutting and re-assigning players of late....just wondering if Juran has made up his mind about coming back to the Bombers....he could fit in quite nicely for a Cup run..... :wink: :rockin: :roll:

Papa, he would be a great addition if you could get him.

Zip, nada, nothing on the Bolden front of late. Sounds like he is going to try to exhaust all his NFL options before returning to the CFL.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there isn't a bidding war for his services if he does decide to come back.

He's 33. Too old and too expensive at $150K

According to Taman, he is in discussions with Ike's agent and Bolden's agent isn't far behind.

There is a chance he might land both in the next 2 weeks.


That sure would be nice going into the stretch. Man, the receivers would think twice about taking liberties in his area. But it also sounds like there is a considerable amount of interest in both of these. Let's hope the liked Winnipeg.

....with the dumping of Fiaconni's salary today (gone to esks. for a draft pick)...could Taman be clearing the way for a signing ...Bolden////Ike....who knows ....we should know shortly?????? :roll: :wink:

Looks that way paps

[url=http://winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/story/4033633p-4644046c.html]http://winnipegfreepress.com/breakingne ... 4046c.html[/url]


It gets better, Ike too. :lol:


WBB RELEASE – 2007/187


WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have fortified their defensive dozen with the addition of a pair of key free agents in defensive back Juran Bolden and linebacker Ike Charlton.

Bolden and Charlton agreed to terms with the football club earlier today.

“When you have a chance to add two experienced defenders like Juran Bolden and Ike Charlton it’s basically a no-brainer,? said Bombers G.M. Brendan Taman. “Both players are familiar with this league and Winnipeg and we expect they will make a major contribution to our defensive unit.?

Bolden (6-3, 210, Mississippi Delta JC, DOB: June 27, 1974 in Washington, DC) is no stranger to Bomber fans. He was a key member of the Big Blue’s defensive secondary during the 2000 and 2001 CFL seasons.

Bolden made his CFL debut on July 5, 2000 versus the Montreal Alouettes and went on to play 14 regular season games and both of the Bombers’ playoff contests that season. His regular season numbers included 40 tackles, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, one tackle for a loss and four pass knockdowns, which tied for third on the team. The ball-hawking defender also tied for the team lead in interceptions with four that season.

In 2001, Bolden played in all 18 of the Bombers’ regular season games as well as the Eastern Final and Grey Cup. He led the team in interceptions again that season with six for 142 yards one TD and was also the leading defender in pass knockdowns with 10. Bolden also registered one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, three tackles for losses and was third on the team in total tackles with 61.

Bolden has spent the past five seasons with three different NFL teams. He signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent following his stint with the Blue and Gold and played in 22 games for Atlanta during the 2002 and ’03 seasons. He recorded seven interceptions for 86 yards and one TD and added 56 tackles during those two seasons.

In 2004 he joined the Jacksonville Jaguars and played in 13 games, recording 23 tackles. Bolden then joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent and appeared in all 16 regular season contests for the Bucs in 2005 and ’06. In ’05 he recorded 42 tackles and added two interceptions for 46 yards. In ’06 he added 63 tackles and one pick for 27 yards. Bolden also spent time with the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers in 1998 and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1999 following three seasons with Atlanta (1996-98).

Charlton (6-0, 202, Virginia Tech, DOB: Oct. 6, 1977 in Orlando, FLA.) is another familiar face to fans of the Blue and Gold. He originally joined the team as a free agent late in 2005 and appeared in two games that season. He recorded two defensive tackles in his CFL debut on Oct. 22, 2005 @ the B.C. Lions. He followed that up with a five tackle performance in the season finale against the Calgary Stampeders.

Charlton was a key contributor to a rock-solid Blue Bombers defence in 2006, appearing in 15 regular season games. He contributed 60 defensive tackles, which ranked second on the team, one quarterback sack, two special teams tackles and 63 hits during the ’06 regular season. He was second on the team in tackles for losses with six for 31 yards. He also scored a TD on a fumble recovery following a blocked field goal attempt. In the Bombers’ Semifinal loss to the Argos, registering two defensive tackles and one pass knockdown.

..//all i can say is things are going to be rockin and rollin at canadinns shortly....great signings pigseye... :thup: :rockin: Taman you ol dog.... :thup:

wow... in another thread i said we should trade for a big play guy in the secondary, it seems we have aquired that man. look out for the bomber defence now

bush malveaux hebert bolden bean
jenkins simpson charlton
canada haywood brown walls

that is one hell of a scary defence. how on earth is anyone going to move the ball on us now? sit back and watch the big blue D rapidly climb the charts boys

now with our offence... can anybody say 12-5-1?

I seem to recall, Bomber fans, and correct if I am wrong, that when Bolden played in Winnipeg he was at safety.

If you put him back there, where does that leave Hebert? First reaction would be to try him at outside Linebacker again, but with Charlton back that's not an option (I like that Jenkins, so with him and Charlton you're set there).

Seems to me one of Hebert or Bolden will move to DHB; which one do you think?