Juran Bolden Released

As good a job as Taman has done at resigning people I think this one will come back to haunt us. The Bombers secondary was questionable before Bolden arrived and without Hebert as well I have seen no sign that any of the Dbs signed will be able to fill these shoes.

....big shoes to fill///he will be missed...maybe a new crop of dbs. at t.c. will produce someone of interest...let's hope :roll:

Too bad, but maybe his body wasn't 100% and with the SMS Taman couldn't take that risk.

The new DB coach, Dan Daniel, has brought a few guys in from NFL Euro with him, I think we might see a few pleasent surprises.

I'm as surprised as you guys are, I thought Bolden was one of your top DB's. Maybe like Piggy pointed out, his body may not be 100%

Tough loss!

Taman says it was a money issue nothing about him being less than 100%. It seemed clear that the money Taman offered him last season was more than he was willing to pay him this year and expected him to take a big pay cut.

Well regardless of anything, Bolden was still one of our top dogs out there and he will be missed. Tough shoes to fill there