Juniors Postponed (Cancelled?)

World Junior Hockey suspended indefinitely due to covid cases
Certain countries are up in arms over forfeit losses (eg USA vs Switzerland and Russia vs Slovakia) as if tourney ever resumes they are basically out already

A shame, looks like it's actually cancelled. :frowning_face:

They should have had the tournament in Texas. Put some reindeer antlers on the cows and pretend it's Canada.


Well reason I wrote "cancelled?" is they seem to be implying the tourney could resume later
I dunno though (esp with so many forfeits)

Hockey Canada says they lose alot of $$$ so they want to resume
But this plus Olympic cancel (and delay for NHL games and other leagues) is bad

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Also as a final side note
Team Russia went on a warpath, refusing to wear masks, drinking, and smoking on the airplane that was scheduled to take them home

Team Czech says they had nothing to do with the disturbance despite being punished

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I don't know why they didn't do it in a bubble again this year. And this plan to have 11 teams at next year's tournament? The IIHF is a joke.

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