Junior players will be Argo property?

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BRAMPTON - If all goes according to plan the Brampton Bulldogs will be squaring off with the big dawgs next fall.

The Bulldogs have applied for re-entry into
the Canadian Junior Football League

for next season— after an absence
of more than 30 years.

but this can't be true
In addition to giving local players a chance to further enhance their skills,

the Brampton CJFL team would have
a tie to the Toronto Argonauts.

They would become the affiliate team
to the Canadian Football League squad,

with the Brampton players being
the properties of the Argos.

There is no way the Argo can claim exclusive rights
to all the football players on the Brampton Bulldogs

no matter how many bucks they throw in their direction.

Why not ? Makes a lot of sense.

Back in the 50's & 60's CFL teams did control the rights of junior players in their georgraphical area and many memorable names took that route to the pros. Those old rights, may still exist, but I would doubt it. Here's a list of CFL'ers over the years who previously played in Canadian Junior Football:

[url=http://www.footballcanada.com/useredits/File/CJFL%20alumni.pdf]http://www.footballcanada.com/useredits ... alumni.pdf[/url]

I sure liked this kind of an arrangement when the Montreal Canadiens
had exclusive rights to players from the province Quebec, HfxTC,

It wasn't too popular with Maple Leaf fans though.


Lots of CFL teams support CJFL teams financially
why should the Argos get rights to players in the GTA

where a lot more football is played than most places.

Rather than players being one team's property
wouldn't a draft make more sense, HfxTC?

-Ron I am assuming they have taken a financial stake in the team or made some type of agreement that is financialy interesting to the Brampton team.

-This is different than rights on individuals based on their birth place.

-The reason I think it makes sense is that the Argos get a place where they can send prospects get “game” time at 3 down football or develop prospects who do not have the interest or capacity to commit to a college education. Nothing prevents the Ticats or Alouettes of doing the same. There are plenty of CJFL teams to go around.

-I don’t see a negative.

Draft is 6 rounds and teams cut more then half of those kids now without paying a cent. I’m not sure what drafting these kids would do for them or the teams.

Speaking of Jr football. What about the Ottawa Sooners, wow, not in the league for 12 years and kicked the butt of the Hurricanes, Burlington etc and every team in Ontario and Quebec and now gone to Edmonton for the National Championship!!!!!

They hosted Edmonton this past weekend in the CJFL semi-final and were thumped 31-3 by the Wildcats who are coached by the former Montreal Concordes HC - Gary Durchik.

Just goes to show the lack of coverage, I didn't even know they played!

The max age for this league is 22 though, trust me I know the Hurricanes didn't start up until I was 22 and they are currently coached by my former high school head coach Jay Hayes.

Yeah they should change that to 24 or 5 years in. IMO

This is where I'd like CBC to step in and cover junior stuff like this, I don't have a problem with my tax dollars going towards this and documentaries and news on Canada. I think they should get out of the business of pro sports altogether, their mandate is Canadian culture.

Anyways in terms of the Argos having exclusive rights to these players, I wouldn't worry about it too much, there will be very, very few from a junior program able to make it to the CFL, unless the CFL opens up more Canadian positions I suppose. Are you reading this Andrew Dreschel?

I wouldn't call this an advantage because 99% of junior players are well below the talent level needed in the CFL.

Depends what the Argos want to do with the roster spots. If they bring in young talented kids from the us that are 19 or 20 and want to develop them for the Canadian game... there are interesting possibilities.

However their football people can't even manage the business they have now, so I doubt they will invest time with this.

This sounds like a great(old) formula, a way for CFL teams to bring along local prospect,s - Each CFL team should have their own “farm teams” :thup:

When the Oshawa Hawkeyes were in the CJFL we were affliiated with the Argos however only a handful of our players were ever offered a tryout. As a matter of fact in the late 1980's there was more ex-Hawkeyes on the Tiger-Cats than on the Argos.
The CFL teams are more interested in university players than junior players. The coaching and calibre of play is superior at the university level as well as the players being more mature.
So let the Brampton players go to the Argos the Tiger-Cats can have the best of the the Hurricanes and the Braves.
I would love to know if the Argos are helping Brampton financially because over the almost forty years of our junior program
there was very few years that the Argos aided our program financially.

[ Some of those names sure are familar, ottawacat, thanks for the link. ]

At practice today a helpful front office employee told me
that CFL teams do have property rights over players

on CJFL teams that have a working relationship with them.

The Ticats have such property rights on five teams.

The Hamilton Hurricanes, the Burlington Braves,
the London Beefeaters[?] and two northern teams.

North bay? Sudbury? Sault Saint Marie?

So I guess the big bad Argos weren't
pulling a fast one on us after all. :oops: :wink:

The Argos can try all they like the CJFL offers not a hole lot to the CFL.....Most of these players did not make the grade to big university's in the first place , that's why they end up in the CJFL ...or other leagues around .
Now when you start getting out west to Junior teams they build players ..They have better chance with better Football Programs ..
You really think argos are going to really pour a hole lot of attention to this roster of this bulldog team !!!!
No it's all about the dream to play for the Bigger leagues by telling these young men this it makes it more of a numbers draw from other community's ,,you don't need to live in brampton to play there same goes for any junior team in ontario ..
I use to play Braves Football with guys from London Ontario ,Brampton ,Bradford , far away as Windsor and so on so on before the hurricanes and the beefeater and now the bulldogs wanting back .... They would drive anywhere to play football thats all Brampton is trying to do here create some press for good players willing to travel under the assumption they have more of a chance if they are in a bulldog unifrom instead of a Burlington braves uniform or a Hamilton Hurricane now that Brian Copeland and some close company of old hurricane alumni started this team back up ...Coached by some old Hamiltonian s that love this Great Canadian Game..So No body Blows like the ARGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"S and anyone that's affiliated to them .Argo's suck and that won't ever change .....

As for those other north teams your ticats head office friend was talking about would have been
Pick from this list .....

Sault Ste. Marie Storm (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

Thunder Bay Giants (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Brantford Bisons (Brantford, Ontario)

Cornwall Emards (Cornwall, Ontario)

Glad too see Hamiltons been removed from that defunct list ........

Today, perhaps more than active players, the CJHL connection to the CFL is in the coaching ranks, including three here in Hamilton, all of whom once coached in the Armadale Cup National Junior Championship -- Bellefeuille, Marshall, Easley -- and two of them won it -- Easley with the Renfrew (B.C.) Trojans and Marshall with the Ottawa Sooners, the team that Bellefeuille also once coached.

Correcting my own mistake: Make that CJFL