Junior Football player has charges for murder "stayed."

Stolen from the CBC Website

Adrian Charles, a star running back with the Saskatoon Hilltops, will not have to face criminal charges in Ontario.

Charles was 22 when he was arrested last October and charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, in relation to a shooting in 2008 in Pickering, Ont.

Now, court officials in that province say charges against Charles have been stayed, meaning the case will not proceed.

Charles, a popular player for the junior football club in Saskatoon, is from Whitby, Ont.

It was alleged that Charles played a role in a drive-by shooting in May 2008, by making a phone call to a pair of men involved in the shooting. One of the targets was a Crown witness in a different shooting case.

Charles spent almost two months in custody before being granted bail last December.