Junes Jones better stay or else!

Just watched the press conference with JJ, he is the real deal, he spoke with admiration on all aspects of the team, the players all want to play with him and show nothing but respect, lets NOT wait, sign this guy now and lets concentrate on getting back to the playoffs next year with this nucleus of players! If not, good luck filling the seats next year and signing some of our FA's !!!

He'd be stupid not to check out NCAA interest. He has all of the leverage.

I agree, he loves to coach the "kids" he is a great mentor, hopefully he can stay up here BUT if the NCAA calls, they have MORE MONEY than we can ever compete for! :frowning:

Top priority for the team! Sign JJ for 2 years. Many of the free agents would probably stay

totally agree!!!

I think we will resign JJ, he has a calm temperament and is not full of himself when he wins and doesn't throw tantrums when losing. Seems to be very Canadian.
I believe he will assist in signing players that fit his system regardless of fan favourites or KA favourites. Whatever happened here before him, is really not his problem.

I have a gut feeling the NCAA will come calling. This stop was enough to get people thinking he can still coach. Some lower level D1 program will offer him some good coin to turn their program around and find a successor.

That's just it. We don't know what June's motivation is.

He would likely gain more money and prestige at a division one NCAA football program.

Having some history with this league, would he be intrigued at the possibility of leaving a legacy here??

Based on what we've witnessed so far, I think it would be exciting to see what the next few seasons could be with June Jones directing this team.

I like to play CFL detective ! June says he is heading home this week to Hawaii !


Johnny Football and the Fiancé ??she posted on twitter and Instagram Very interesting just a coincidence ?

VERY interesting! Good detective work, cats99.
The TiCats have completed a very quick-after locker clean-up and Coach Jones met with the media one more time on Saturday:


I've said it before .... June is a very impressive and likeable guy.

JJ is a great coach, I hope the organization canfind a way for him to stay. If there were 1 only 2 more games this season regular play, then this team is going all the way to GC. Regina boy and lifelong Rider fan here but my #1.5 is always HTC. Best CFL experience is tailgating and game at IvorWynn. Love the TCfans- just like Rider fans.

I went from having the worst experience and being the most frustrated in my life as a Cats fan at 0-8 to actually being the most entertained in a long time and really, really liking what this team is doing on the field!
I love watching Masoli - he has evolved even beyond my expectations. I think he could be something very special. (that flip to Speedy last night was crazy good CFL Stuff.)

I really love June Jones and what he says and how he says it.

I'm old and it's been a while since I really get attached to players but I love to watch Masoli, Banks, Tasker, Lawrence, Leonard - I think they have something really good going on here and very entertaining, and have style to boot. I hope they get them all signed sealed and delivered from an entertainment stand point - this group is professional, talented, confident and fun!

I put my money where my mouth is and bought a Masoli Jersey so I hope the Cats do the same and re-sign these guys!!
Happy Off Season Everyone!

Hope he stays as they made great rebuilding strides since he took over , is it June yet! ?going to be a long off season this year ! Interesting stuff I also would like Jeff R to meet up with June in Hawaii and come back to the Ticats as special teams coach

If June stays, and i hope he does who does he report to. We are top heavy in mgmt types. Someone will have to go.

Please tell me you didn't just buy a FA's jersey before the end of the season?

This JJ love-in is wonderful but you all do know that the turn around is mostly due to the “anyone but Austin “ mentality that set into the players! Jones is a wonderful person, good coach BUT not a Great coach! He has made some bone head calls at end of several games in his tenure, that cost TiCats games. Is he the best we have? Probably yes, if we stop looking. But I would be out there looking for someone else that knows the Cdn game.