June Jones

I think June Jones has his eyes on some of our free agents to join his XFL team in Houston.
The league starts in February and ends in May which mesns it’s possible to play in the XFL and CFL conceptually as the schedules don’t even come close to overlapping.

June has already snatched our Oline Coach Dennis Mcnight and tried to snag Jeff Reinbold from us.

He already has many ex Ticats on his Roster incluinding

  1. OL Insame Faciane
  2. WR Jalen Saunders
  3. OT Kelvin Palmer
  4. OT Avery Jordon
  5. K Sergio Castillo

I am sure that June has his eyes on all the CFL free agents especially some of our free agents.

  1. J’Gared Davis - June loves this guy and coached against him in University. June was the reason he signed with us and he has said that Davis belongs in the NFL as a standup outside linebacker. I hope we sign him as that would be a huge loss.

  2. Jeremuah Masoli
    June loves him and he knows June’s offence well.

3.Bralon Addison. June knows what he can do and performed well in his offence

  1. Rycker Mathews - He was a solid OT under June.

  2. Dylan Wynn. I am sure he caught Junes attention.

  3. Tasker - performed well under june

  4. Rolle and Frankie Williams - both guys played well under June.

Let’s hope we can keep these guys in the CFL with the cats.
Tasker is a question mark in staying with us because of the young cheaper taleknt we have.

I know June loves Davis so he will no doubt make him an offer.
U think he would offer Masoli a contract as well.

Mathews and Addison or possible targets for June while the others are less likely but still possible.

Leonard had a horrible year under June and June won’t be plucking any of our nationals

I know if Banks, Breaux, Brooks and Simoni were available he may go after them especially Banks and Breaux.

My feeling is that the XFL will fail

I think the players also know that the XFL will fail. Why would you take a chance? I wonder how Masoli will do down there on one leg?

Every single one of those players will make significantly more money in the CFL.

And Masoli wont be ready to play in the XFL as noted many times already.

In an unrelated note, I think we should have a new thread for every free agent, including the ones we want to go after from other teams. Discussing multiple players in a single free agency thread is a tough thing to ask for.

Team culture must be off the charts down there.

Just a question if anybody knows the answer, Are XFL Contracts done on a one year Basis, I thought I read some were they were 2 year, if so players would not be able to Play a season in the XFL and return to the CFL the same year, I am confused on this, ?

Could we also have a separate thread for every team that may potentially sign any of our free agents?

I don’t watch a lot of American football, so I may be inaccurate here, but in the few games that I have seen, the NFL DBs look bigger, faster, and play a lot tighter than in the CFL. With the narrower field, tighter coverages, smaller spaces, and less generous rules favouring receivers, I don’t see a lot of our smaller CFL receivers having a lock on an NFL position.

The exception might be guys with burner speed subbing in on specific situations or downs. Having said that, one season there is maybe financially worth several here?

A good point that like in the Hayday of the Arena Football league & NFL Europe alot of guys double dipped to supplement their there overall pay.
But it was younger guys alot with NFL aspirations but still had no issue with returning to the CFL.
With many making their careers in the CFL and homes.

I gota wonder that with CFL teams releasing Free agent players early for NFL tryouts.

XFL training camp starts in Early January. Any player that is not offered any NFL futures contracts or any kind of upfront money for the NFL.
Will they enter for the final XFL supplemental draft that takes place in jan right before TC.
James Wilder Jr. Comes to mind first to me