June Jones to the XFL

Former TiCats head coach June Jones will serve as the head coach of the XFL’s Houston franchise, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

What a dick move, leaving right before the season starts. Here’s to hoping no team bring him in WHEN the xfl folds

Now, I wonder whom will be the OC.

Tommy Condell… no brainer

Kept this quiet, didn’t happen overnight. Where were you, Drew?

Step right up, Tommy Condell.

Tommy already been named OC

Does this mean we get to have one or two tall receivers again?

As an outsider here, just like recently to my Argos when the fired Trestman and also a few Coordinators from other teams left, can’t help to think this is more bad news for our league at the expense of the new league.
Wait for the further exodus at year end when players are involved?
On the players side it is therefore more crucial for the new CBA to have major monetary increases.

I wonder if Condell will completely throw out the Run & Shoot playbook?

That type of offence worked wonders for the careers of Banks, Masoli, Saunders and so on.

Hopefully our offence won’t be sputtering early in the season trying to learn and implement a whole new philosophy.

Unreal! Didn’t see this coming!!

My two cents:

I think Tommy will be just fine as new OC! Love how our offence played back in '14 when
Tommy was around, dare I say Jeremiah coul be even better under Tommy!

I don’t know if it’s my first post ever on a team’s forum outside the Alouettes one, but I’m disappointed of this news. JJ handled the Tiger Cats well in the end of 2017 season, and even if he didn’t have a .500 record in 2018, he still was able to bring a good team on the field, crancking Masoli and Banks to the top. Altough I still think Hamilton will finish 1st in the East, there will have some recalibration to do. Condell however is a good replacement.

After building the team to fit the Run and Shoot, this is a bit of a kick in the butt? But then, Condell did the same thing.

I’m certainly surprised with this. The opinion, on it, which I’d most like to hear, I expect we never will – Jeremiah Masoli’s – the QB who was designated as clipboard holder, behind Dan Lefevour ('13 & '14) and Jeff Mathews ('15) when Condell was our OC.

I think this is a genuine concern, beyond that, there clearly were too many cooks in the kitchen and I suspect there was an understanding that JJ could leave if the opportunity arose.

Does anyone really think this is bad news?

I was looking forward to see what Jones could do when focusing on just the teams offence.

My bigger concern now is will Jones recruit Masoli to the XFL when his contract has expired?

You’re darn right this is bad news . It’s May 13 and training camp is right around the corner and we’ve lost our O Coordinator . The offence last year was near the top of the league. Instead of starting the season with a clear advantage with coaching and player continuity, we’ll be back learning some hybrid O with Condell.

Meanwhile Jones will be in Houston with Alex Green as his running back and God forbid we don’t re-sign Masoli after 2019.

This stinks !

Pat Lynch (never saw this coming)

Hopefully this is something that has been cooking for a while and maybe gave Masoli some extra time to work with Condell. I suspect you are right and Condell will at first run the Jones playbook and sprinkle in some of his own philosophies. Eventually replacing the Run and Shoot with his own.

Now we have all of Austin’s co-ordinaters back. Except him. ;D

One thing to consider.

As exciting as our offence was under the Run & Shoot, there were high pressure defences like Saskatchewan and Ottawa that were able to shut us down. Jones could not solve that type of relentless pressure.

Condell might be able to implement a hybrid system that can better adapt to the various defensive schemes that different opponents throw at us.

I see we lost another former TiCat coach . Gunther Cunningham has passed awayat age 72 . He was last with the Chiefs as D Coordinator.
Condolences to his family from this old fan.

Pat Lynch