June Jones: Should he stay or should he go?

Are we satisfied with the job June Jones is doing? Should we be better in the coaching dept., or are we hope springs eternal in regards to the direction Jones is taking this team? Has he done enough or have you had enough?

I have faith in these guys to get better and turn this thing around, mid season is never a good time to make a coaching change. June Jones rarely if ever gets blown out and we're usually 1-2 plays from winning every time we lose. If we get to the playoffs and Masoli and the boys have improved having seen a full season of action, I like our chances. After all being regular season champions means nothing. Ask Calgary

Blind faith really gets you no where.

Junes Jones calling plays with Corey Grant.

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Some people certainly are :-[

8)Still can't figure out how Corey Grant still has a job here. He has now survived at least 3 HC
changes, and he's still here !!

I'm waiting for someone to say, that maybe he knows what he is doing and does a good job at
it !!

If that's the case, then maybe he should be the HC now. He certainly has the experience on the
side lines by now !! LOL ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Oh by the way Johnny....good cartoon LOL 8)

You're right Tipper, the funny thing is he is listed as the "Asst. Offensive Coord. & Running Backs Coach". We still don't have a full-time Offensive Coordinator other than June Jones. Go figure. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I just can't get over him saying "I wasn't into the game" two weeks ago...WHAT! How can you expect your players to give 100% when you don't care? Speaks volumes.

I believe he said he couldn't get into the flow of the game. Rather than not caring (which would be really bad), it was more about not being able to figure out what to do next in order to effectively counter the opponent's strategies. Which is still kinda bad - but different than not caring.

If this is true then THIS should be WAY more alarming than the actual problems themselves. Having a leader who can't lead and solve problems.

June Jones deserves to stay, as does Masoli however they need to correct these stupid mistakes on offence that keep this team from scoring in the red zone or winning close games?

The Tiger-Cats have had 5 games that could have been won late in the fourth quarter if the offence learned how to execute with ball control under 1:50 remaining on the clock or less?

This team could be sitting with a perfect record right now if Masoli and the offence got their stuff together and were able to score the points when needed instead of Masoli being sacked, intercepted or the defence shuts us out in three downs?

Our defence works hard to keep us in games, our offence needs to score when it's needed, often or increase red zone production??

Hope the team can correct this problem??


Great post!!! Hallelujah brother!!!! ;D

I believe it's the ineffectual playcalling that is tripping us up near the end and not so much Masoli. A pooch kick, Kicking it away with 2 minutes left on the clock rather than go for the 3rd and 1. Calling a handoff on 2nd and 14. 3 straight pass calls inside the 5 when they should be handing it off 3 times and in you go. Stuff like that. You show that stuff to Tom Brady and see how long he sticks around to talk to ya. So far on this poll 58% want Jones to stay. Interesting to see if those numbers can hold water for long.

June Jones is here in Hamilton coaching the TiCats? would have never guessed based on our record so far.

We may be 3 and 5 so far this year, but just remember what our record was after 8 games last year. The number zero seems to ring a bell.

So if we were 1-7 would you say the same?

We're not 1-7, why would you ask that?

because saying "at least 3-5 is better than 0-8" is a stupid response and on the same level as "at least 1-7 is better than 0-8"