June Jones Re-Signs

Great stuff Graver...Thanks for posting!

Such suspense. I wonder which of them Jones prefers? Almost no way to tell at this point.

I don't want to be the guy that craps on his team's successes, but upon seeing these numbers (which I admit I was a little surprised at), one thing stood out for me.

The offensive figures are all 10-game totals, while the defensive stats are "per-game" when a low number is good, and "total" where a high number is good.

The thing is, we may have been the only team with no bye week during that period. In other words, we played 10 games while most others played 9 or even 8 (OTT?). So naturally our offensive totals will be higher. Our defensive yards against will also be higher, which is why they switched to per-game. Still, being #2 in net offence allowed per game is a good thing. And I get why a marketing department would position it this way.

If we played 10 games that would mean there would have ten opponents. If Jones had stared the season at Head Coach the numbers would have been much different but I suspect much better than the 0 - 8 Austin mustered up.

LOL. Good one, ExPat.

Something tells me the Ticats aren't too likely to spend $250K or more to keep Zach around until training camp just in case JJ changes his mind.


That dripped with so much sarcasm you could make gravy for the Christmas turkey out of it. :slight_smile:

Rumor has it Jones is gonna bring Collaros in for a workout to see what he can do.


No way Jones accepts a deal without a very good idea of who the qb will be and/or made it clear before he signed a contract who he wants.

So if Jones is your man then so is the qb whether you like it or not.

So if the wrong choice is made at QB there's no trying to pin it on anyone without Jones too.

Agreed, Jones doesn't sign the players, that is Tillman/Austins department.
Jones will tell them who he wants back, Masoli, Laurent, Tasker etc.

I wonder what effect the return of Toliver from injury will have on the signing of free agents. Do the Cats let Banks walk because Tolliver can take his place? Do we re-sign Banks, and keep Tolliver, and rotate them in and out of the offence, or maybe even trade Tolliver?

I want Banks and Tasker both back, and would like to see Tolliver stay, too.

Lots of decisions on deck.

Jones is all about team speed. If someone has speed AND size, all the better. I expect bringing back Banks is priority number one.

I hope for the best for Toliver, but he has a few things potentially working against him, fair or not. Foremost is the fact that being out almost all of last year means Toliver hasn't had a chance to make a first-hand impression on Jones with his play and practice. Will Jones see in Toliver what Austin did? Could be, but his situation in 2017 works against him looking forward to 2018. Secondly, since Toliver's injury was a torn ACL, and in part because he's tall, there will be questions about how much he can regain whatever speed he had before the injury.

If Toliver comes back as a starter, that would seem to imply moving Speedy inside. If you do that, who gets squeezed out? Tasker brings a lot to the table, but Saunders had a strong year (Saunders actually lead the team in receiving yards on the year, 3 yards ahead of Tasker), and Saunders is probably much more affordable. The third inside spot is typically a Canadian for ratio reasons (as is the wide side WR), which means it's probably not realistic to expect Banks, Tasker and Saunders all to play inside. That means either one of them is out of the picture (the slowest of the three?), or you keep Banks outside and Toliver is out of the picture.

Other things to ponder:

  1. While Jones likes Fantuz's football IQ, will there be a place for him on the field? Fantuz was never known as a burner even in his younger days, but he's got that huge wingspan, sure hands, and knows the league inside out. And unlike Toliver, he has his birth certificate working for him. Do the other assets Fantuz brings to the table make up for what he lacks in speed? Maybe, but the answer is less clear with Jones as coach than it was under Austin.

  2. When Jones talks about possibly bringing Manziel in, one thing he harps on is his arm strength. Will Jones be looking to use the wide side WR as more than a decoy? I have a hunch that Jones is looking for ways to exploit the wide field more next year.

Move Chambers inside and have Tolliver start at wide-side WR.

  1. Possible backup to Chambers.
  2. Zach has excellent arm strength too. Imagine if Manziel was his backup and they DIDN'T have to change the playbook because they are more alike?

Interesting idea, but conventional ratio wisdom only accomodates 3 American receivers, so if you have Banks and Toliver outside, that only leaves room for one of Tasker or Saunders inside (with Chambers and a second Canadian starter inside). Sask made 4 import receivers work at times by starting a Canadian RB (LaFrance) and Ottawa made it work by starting four Canadians on the O line. Is there a way to make it work in Hamilton?

Frankly speaking folks. I like Jones but his success really has more to do with Austin losing the dressing room and Jones being there as an alternative. Happened with Bayern Munich in the soccer area rhis year. Exact same thing. How long will the honeymoon last is anyone’s guess but hopefully wont end till a GC dellivered.

Completely disagree. The game plan, many of the players, play calling and game management were completely different. The turnaround was one of the most remarkable ones I've ever seen watching the CFL. No other recycled CFL coach would have done anything close.

We went from a dumpster fire to arguably the best team in the league at the end of the year.

There's no doubt in my mind if we would have somehow snuck in, we would have been in the Grey Cup.

That speaks to what coach Jones Did, not what Austin didn't do.

we are not talking 9th in offense to 6th
We are talking worst to first with Jones in control. You can't do better than that.Not quite sure what a guy has to do but there is a tough audience I guess.

My guess is Masoli stays and Collaros becomes an Argo. Jones is more familiar (and successful) with Masoli, and Argos need experience to replace Ricky Ray - whom I think will announce his retirement soon.

Is this what you really want to happen?? (Collaros to Argos) All I can say is you must really think
we can still beat the Argos after Trestman finishes tudoring Collaros.
Your a dreamer if you think that. Once the Argos employs Collaros don't plan to see a Grey Cup anywhere near Hamilton for years.

If we could get rid of the deadwood like Austin, Mitchell, Collaros.
Can you imagine the pay cap.
Sign Duran Carter, Brandon Bridge, bring back Bruce and keep the guys we have.
With Mosoli at QB, Bridge at backup, Jones at the helm, the cup would have a permanent home in Hamilton.