JUNE JONES: QB Whisperer

All the receiver injuries we had that year didn't help. Hard to run an offence predicated on the receivers and QB making the same read when you change receivers every week. June Jones biggest weakness was still that guy he dragged in for DC. A good DC and a couple of healthy receivers and 2018 would have been a much better year. Maybe we would have lost the Cup three years in a row.


Jones was a decent OC, but had mediocre in-game management skills & never should have been allowed near the press. The gaffe when he announced the trade for VA was like watching your grandpa trying to post a video on tiktok.

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That team was worse than this one for not beating anybody. We actually finished 7th in the regular season, and had 2 wins against teams .500 or better.

Lots of 300 yard games though.


That team was worse than this one mostly on defense, 7th or 8th for most defensive stats in 2018 1st to 3rd for most stats in 2021. Defense and special teams will win games you wouldn't otherwise win. June Jones was a pure OC he didn't pay any attention to what happened during the rest of the game.


Ah yes, Our DC basically threw his hands up and said something like "when the other team executes sometimes you just cant stop them"

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In a unique twist to the original subject for this thread, another former HC, Kent Austin, was seemingly "exiled" to tiny Liberty University in Virginia, where he has served as the OC & QB's coach since 2019. Although the Liberty Flames are not associated with any football conference (ie. they are independent, like Notre Dame, but not near their level of play), yet they have been invited to participate in a Bowl game in each of Austin's 3 seasons at Liberty U. I believe they may have won each of their Bowl games in that stretch . . .

But getting back to the "QB whisperer" topic, Kent Austin's name is getting mentioned as a result of his QB, Malik Willis. Willis is an athletic QB who transferred from Auburn (where he did not get any playing time), to LibertyU. Kent Austin is getting a lot of credit for turning Willis into a potential 1st Round NFL draft pick over the course a single season. Willis was strictly a "scout team" QB in 2020, and has only been the starting QB in 2021.

I don't know much about Willis, but I believe he is more of a scrambling QB, which seems to be more and more prevalent in the NFL. This upcoming draft is being characterized as missing top end QB talent. I wonder if June Jones will choose to opine on Malik Willis over the next few months.

PS: sorry correcting some information from this post. Willis in fact transferred to LibertyU prior to the 2019 season. His "scout team" season was 2019. He has been the starting QB for Kent Austin's Liberty Flames for the past 2 seasons.


Need I remind everyone about the game in BC in '18 that we lost because June Jones couldn't figure out the rules???

He punted from the 38 to give them the ball on the 35. Instead of a 45 yd FG that would end the game.

I'm laughing sitting here thinking about that.

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Another game where a single point kicked us in the ass...

He gave his salary to charity you monsters.


To quote Jeff Reinebold
"Only those who have held a play-sheet can comprehend the nature of those decisions and what goes into them."

That goes double for the incomprehensible calls


What he fails to mention is that the play-sheet was held upside down and backwards .

I still like J.R. but honestly lost a lot of respect for him after that gaslighting BS of a quote . I mean if he wants to come out and call us fans a bunch of morons then just go ahead and say it for eff sake . Don't piss on our legs then try to convince us that it's raining out just so you can attempt to save some face because you know and we know that IF indeed you did make that call ? Well then you effed up royally , so man up about it and quit towing the company line there JR .

Spin Doctoring class 101 has now ended for the day . Teacher JR says class dismissed .

Full Stop....Rant Over .


Agree 100%. Except it should be "toeing the company line", lol.

I don't know why they can't just come out & admit they made a mistake. Every fan in the league who watched the game knew it as a mistake. I'd have much more respect for them if they owned it. As is, it's just like bobo says, they think we're stupid.


"toeing the company line"

Ooops , okay I made a mistake . Thanks for pointing that out there Count .
See , now how hard was that ? :grinning:

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Richards is a sad reminder :-1:

A quick look back we actually weren't that bad on D. Proof that stays are for losers, cause that was a losing team. Probably should have won more with the below stats.

vs run - T/2nd
vs pass - 3rd
Opp total offense - 3rd
Points allowed - 5th

Off pass - 2nd
Off run - 3rd
Total Off - 1st
Points scored - 4th

We can always count on you, bobo.

Let's get you an application for ST coordinator :sweat_smile:


Bobo could be the "let's cut the bulls**t" coordinator.
Id be good with it.



When I was working one of my many catchphrases I was known for was

" Never mind the bullshit , get back to work " :laughing:

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Points allowed - 5th
Points scored - 4th

Dare I say - mediocre? Coaching decisions, IIRC, cost at least one victory (punting for a single), and probably others. Stalled drives, entire quarters without a first-down, horrible interceptions (INTs are bad, ones in the end-zone are the second-worst, and of course, a pick-6 is a disaster), defensive breakdowns (WAY too much "prevent" defence) and other issues only allowed the team to win 8 games that year even with Masoli having so many 300-yd games.

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