June Jones postgame

The post game comments from our coach. (who I'm liking more and more with each passing week).

The more I see June Jones the more I like him also. Hes smart and hes calm and coaches well. He works well with this team and it's the kind of coach we need for this Hamilton team.

Let's keep riding this wave...the momentum is building as ..we are the team to beat in the CFL..Calgary we will get another shot at you later in the season :wink:

Weird trivia: By my calculations, June Jones is undefeated as a head coach against half of his CFL opponents. MTL, WPG, EDM and BC.

He is winless against two: CAL and SSK. Hopefully that will become one very soon.

So great to see a coach who answers questions from the media in a calm in-depth matter, win or lose. Night and day difference from bug-eyed Austin who was dying to get into a confrontation with any member of the media who dared to question his coaching decisions.

Reporters love nice guy coaches.

Until things go south.

I'm impressed that he doesn't just analyze what plays and schemes will work best against a particular opponent, but also what personnel as well

And for admitting when he himself makes mistakes. That's a couple of times he's done that just this season. Very refreshing.

Not wanting to start a new thread for this comment, I chose to put it here.
I so much appreciate how great it's been this year to keep up to date with what's going on with the team, as they prepare game to game. Coach Jones never appears to be hiding anything and converses with the questioners, in his daily media session, just like it was two coaches chatting. I don't know how to link it directly here, but if you watch the video "July 16th: Coach June Jones," available from the ticats.ca main page, even though the first question is another "Johnny," the coach handles it politely and offers up a nice, informative, general opinion. Then, there are educated questions coming from Steve Milton. Those two combined make such a difference, compared to these sessions in recent years or, in fact ever, previously. Thanks Coach. Thanks Steve.

Coach Jones/July 16

you still need to select this vid from the Cats homepage...sorry not totally there.