June Jones, once dubbed the worst coach in America, is now coaching Canada’s wor

8)Come on, you know what version of the Run & Shoot that Jones will use !!

Since Mouse Davis brought the original R&S offence to the CFL (Argos) it has varied as you say,
but be sure that the system that Jones uses will the the latest Updated version :wink: :slight_smile:

Further to the above comment - I will give Jones the benefit of the doubt.
What I will disagree with, however, is his assessment for the need to 'tweak' the plays a bit, etc.
It is not a tweak we need; it is an entire overhaul.

  • 0 wins
  • most points scored against.
  • last place in offensive statistics.
  • virtually no running game
    I won't bore you with statistics.
    I am guessing that NFL cuts will be coming in shortly, which by definition gets us to a
    'revolving door' policy.
    I'm O.K. with it, so long as the door does not hit June Jones in the face.
    The Eagle :wink: :wink: :wink:

Because June Jones is taking over a teammid-season, there are only so many changes he can make right away.

Morealterations will come over time and certainly next season, if he should be kept on.

Could be a lot of changes. The NFL has changed it’s rules and all teams have the cut down next week.
I expect Masoli will start at QB on Monday and there will be a lot of players trying to keep their jobs.
By next week it will be like Jones in Sask, a lot of veterans will be cut. I expect two new running backs and a couple of new receivers. Fantuz will not be offered a contract.
A couple of recent NFL cuts at DBs. Don’t be surprised that Simoni will be gone.
It’s going to be a huge shake up.

Not sure if that will be the case....unless he is sure...I think Jones may wait a game or two...

One thing is certain...there will be a lot of nervousness in the Tiger cat dressing room until the end of the season...

I'm sorry - but the meme with this thread was disgusting. We already have a Jones' thread so I think we should leave it with just the one, and not resurrect one from last year.