June Jones, once dubbed the worst coach in America, is now coaching Canada’s wor

A must read article on Jones

Jones was known to be the best mid major coach of all time that changed college football. he is legit. should never have left hawaii for smu.

glad he is in the cfl with hamilton

Because we should all respect the journalistic value of click bait...


I read all kinds of stuff about Jones the day he was hired and wondered about his effectiveness here.
But...he is here so let's see what he does. He said in his newser today that if he doesn't get the job done in the next 10 weeks he doesn't expect to be back next season.

Seems to me though no matter what he does it will only be a stop gap situation. I would not be surprised to see someone else in the HC job next season.

Just a thought: lots of people said Jason Maas was one of the worst QB's we ever had. Didn't stop him from being hired later by the Blue team and became their QB coach! Now look where he is.

That’s a pretty thorough summery of the whole situation. I agree with a lot of it.
That being said, I like what Jones said in his press conference and his demeanor. Sounds like he will be more open to the quarterback position and we may see some change from the same old there.

I just hope he hasn’t been too far removed to have this job. I see a lot of up and coming coaches in the league on the side lines that aren’t that far removed from playing - I hope this old veteran coach direction is the right one and we didn’t take another step backward (in time).

Ya spins the wheel, ya takes your chances...what the hell, Go June :wink:

Fans wanted a coaching change, and got it.

Now fans are complaining about the new coach before he has even put his mark on the team!

Give me a break!

Ever notice that there are about 7 fans who post about 20 comments on this forum every day...most of them negative?

Look, Jones impressed me with a lot of the things he said at his press conference, and is a very experienced coach who has played in the CFL himself. I'm excited to see how the team performs under him.

This was the right move at the right time. And if it does go south (which I doubt), the team can always hire a new HC next year.

What other moves could have been made, at this time? So, I agree with you, of course.
It was certainly time, or beyond time, for something to be done, under the heading of football ops, and for a decision to be made by someone other than the guy who's been making all the decisions since he got here. I think the move was unusual, conducted in an usual manner, and announced in an unusual manner. But, it opens the door for serious work to begin right now for an improved product in 2018. And, with leadership options open for next year, today's team, I believe, has a better chance of some success in the remaining games than it would have.

Why not give the guy a chance?
He is one of the most distinguished and respected football people in the world.

Grove I respect your opinion but if he fails which I hope he doesn't and all the facts are wrong and we have a positive
Rebuild starting now that's great if not they have to clean house and get a coach like La Police in here with an entire new Regime in no more of this let's hire my buddy and your buddy and Eric's buddy ?!$ how much money is Caretaker throwing around and not getting the results it's got to stop ! 5. 10 now 15 year plan ! Poor Bob is going to go bankrupt $$$$

I guess it's OK to have a head coach with the name "June" as long as he doesn't coach like June Cleaver...

June: Ward, supper's ready...

Ward: Where's the Beaver?

As much as I think Austin has some significant weaknesses, based on the things he has said in interviews after the last few years, I do think he can provide strong leadership in the front office going forward. He's shown a committment to the principles of systematic processes and ongoing measurement in the name of striving for constant improvement. He's been open to experimenting judiciously with new ideas and new technology, with a view to making decisions based on evidence about the state of the art. And even if his record has been lousy the last couple of years, he knew a lot about football before he got here, and I'm confident he's learned a lot from mistakes he's made in the last few years that we may not even have heard about. I'm happy to have someone like that making decisions about how football ops should be run, and I think he'll be more effective at doing that now that he doesn't have the demands of being a head coach.

In addition to being able to commit more time and energy to the personnel role that, frankly, has already been his responsibility for the last N years, I think being out of the media spotlight will have a positive effect on his ability to do the job of getting the right talent onto the football field.

I think that with more distance between him and the sidelines, it will be easier for him to live up to the constructive platitudes he's fond of repeating to the press about how he strives to run the organization.

Hey, Beav, you want that Eddie Haskell and I should coach your team for you?
Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver: It'd be neat, if you do, Wally, but that Eddie - he's a mean guy.
Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver: Well, I'll do most of the coachin'. Eddie will just kinda hang around.
June Cleaver: Wally, I think you would be better suited to play QB at a higher level than the players they have now... why don't you give Kent a call? Eddie could provide relief until Fantuz is back and Lumpy could be Chick's replacement.

This has taken a very strange turn


"Once dubbed the worst coach" ?? he was fired after 2 losses and some disgruntled writer called him the worst coach. ??? ???

Run And Shoot
Well Zack will be running for his life , we will have zero running game and nothing will change do we have "intelligent " receivers at the moment?! A good O line ?!

8)I have the feeling that we are going to see a lot of Masoli in the coming games !!

June Jones really seems to like him, and actually Masoli is the perfect type of QB to execute the
Run & Shoot Offence, to perfection !!


Where are all those who accused Kent Austin of being stubborn and not adapting his system to the players....

June Jones is a solid run and shoot system guy and WILL beemploying it here....no doubt over time will be recruiting players who can adapt and thrive with this...and will likely dispensing with those who can't.

In the article on this site introducing the run and shoot concept,

“If I was going to sacrifice anything, I’d sacrifice for speed,? says Coach Jones. “You know, maybe a guy is 5’10’’, that runs a 4.4 forty [short but fast], instead of a guy that’s 6’4’’ that runs a 4.6 forty [tall but less fast]. I side a little bit more with the fast guy.?

The running back....

There was a single running back in the back field that was heavily relied upon to aid in pass protection.

The running back was responsible for blocking the sixth man against a blitzing defence, or releasing into the flat and receiving a screen pass from the quarterback.

Those who have pressing for a balanced running attack, again will not be satisfied here.

Tipper Too early to make any assumptions about what June Jones will do. If he manages to use his best players to the fullest, that will be a step forward in my book. And which "run and shoot" are you referring to? It has changed a lot. A couple of seasons after it started being successful, defences found a way to counteract it. For many years a lot of teams have used some elements of the original run and shoot but it has been tweaked so much it is a long way from the original. Sometimes I thought our offence under Austin fell more into the 'pass-happy" category than any recognizable system.
I can't wait for Labour Day to see what is in store.