June Jones on ESPN

Why would June Junes, during his interview with ESPN state Manziel most definatly be back in the NFL while praising his first 4 weeks with the Cats? This is basically telling Masoli he will be done as a starter with this team at some point (shortly) Nothing like giving you number 1 a lot confidence going forward!! I am not a big Masoli fan but those comments can't sit well with him.

I disagree.... Jones has heaped unbelievable praise on Masoli. This praise for Manziel just keeps JF feeling like the coach still sees his talent.

Like I’ve been saying since his arrival and many on this forum think he’s the saviour! JJ doesn’t know what he is doing!

Yeah right. JF is his golden boy and will be given wvery opportunity. JJ is going to mess Masoli’s head.

He is just given them what they want to hear .

Well, no. There's a difference between grasping the Canadian game and the American game, and having an eye and talent for one over the other. If Manziel is a backup for 2 years here because Masoli gives Jones no reason to swap him out then one Manziel's contact is done an NFL team could take a flyer on him. Talent never been an issue with him, it was his maturity and legal issues etc. If he can prove he can fit into a system and be responsible and stay out of the bad media eye then sure he could move on in 2 years.

Looks like self-promotion, trying to get himself back in the NFL as being "The guy that straightened out Manziel" as his ticket.

My respect for, and confidence in, June Jones is starting to slide. Fine line between “open and honest? and “babblemouth??

Well said...I'm just not sold on Manziel yet...what has he really done? There is one thing playing school ball and living on the hype, but another in any professional league dealing with the losses and the criticism from staff & more so the fans!
Masoli has proven himself under fire from everywhere and everybody...he may not have " the name" to go with his title but sure is our bread & butter.
Manziel may turn out to be very good which is great for us but the proper respect is deserved to Masoli.....now lets pound Edmonton!!!

....And the CFL Foot-in-Mouth Award goes to June Jones......Congratulations Coach !!! Come on up and get your Trophy .

Great point...looking at it from that angle it does look a little odd and suspect!

And also the guy who can keep him straightened out. Basically a package deal - want him, you should probably take me too.

Question… if Manziel plays for Hamilton for two years does he become a free agent and then could sign a one year contract with any CFL team?

Are you kidding on either of these points?

When has Masoli proven himself "under fire"?

It remains to be seen if he is our bread and butter.

Simple answer to your question is.......Yes . He would be deemed a FA having the option to sign a contract with anybody who shows interest in securing his services either here or if somebody wants him , back in the NFL or in any league for that matter .

One thing is for sure, if JF doesn’t become the starter during the two years he has signed with the TiCats then he won’t be in Hamilton after that no matter what. He could go back to the NFL or he could go to another CFL team but he is no backup. He could be starting on CFL teams right now.

Your comments are a joke and totally a unsubstantiated claim. Please give us all a break. I thought I could avoid your openly biased opinion by staying off “all things Johnny? but obviously your going to go on all threads to tell us how great Johnny is. This is just my opinion on how you may be perceived by other posters as well.

When it comes to ESPN you have a prejudice audience and JJ is just giving them what they want to hear .

Without US based teams ESPN will always look at the CFL as a novelty .

They don't want to talk CFL at all . It's just how it impacts them and the NFL .

It's natural and I don't hold it against them but I think JJ is just giving them sound bytes for their broadcast as they don't really have a vested interest in the CFL .

He is just giving them what they want to hear so they can use it for their sports news .

First your opinions have no credibility. Lenny think about it.... This thread is about what June Jones said about JF. If JF wasn't the subject matter then there would be no thread here. Please dispute my football analysis if you can. Which I doubt because I really don't think you know very much about football. Do you really think that JF would stay with the TiCats longer than two years if he is not the starter? You probably didn't even read the question because you are so hate filled for JF and anyone who supports him.

Please give everyone a break and quit trying to tell people what they can say and what they can't say. Quit trying to tell people what threads they can be on. Evidently your rants have already gotten you sent to the time out room. Maybe you need to take up permanent residence there.

And you may be right. It seems that he gives glowing reports about every player he talks about. He gave glowing reports about Adams.... but Adams is gone. When he relayed his conversations with Adams it was all positive and full of hope. It is his style to build players up not tear them down. Even if they don't do well he looks for the good things. Whether he is talking about Masoli or Manziel he makes them look like champions. It's hard to know if he really believes that stuff or if it is just his way of coaching players.