June Jones – “Love is the Difference�?

If you can find the time, you should listen to this.

“Not ever yell or curse at my players, I wouldn’t let my Assistants yell or curse at the players”
“Love is not a word that is used much in football, but, love is the difference”


Man, I hope he signs a 5 year contract!

In 1998, the University of Hawaii was ranked 112th out of 112 teams in the NCAA. Having lost for 18 straight games, they were at a bottom and had little hope for a turnaround. So they turned to an adopted son: NFL coach June Jones. Taking a huge career risk, June accepted the challenge and stepped in to make some changes. But those changes had less to do with building a new field tactic than it did with building a new kind of community.
We proudly present to you the story of the single greatest turnaround in college football history: the 1999 Hawaii Warriors. Mahalo.

Yes thank June for accepting the role and thank the connection with Tilman who was bold enough to recruit him .Thanks to the caretaker for spending money on fixing the problem .Anyone who is a long time CfL fan knows this was not the case just a short while ago you just had to suffer with the cheapest bandaid solution.

The big thing is he knows QB’s and him going with Masoli is an educated and experienced decision that was done with proper evaluation . It was not done with malice or prejudice .His resume speaks for itself .

At this level you can see who plays at this speed ; it is very transparent whether it’s the coach or the players not being able execute the plays with some precision.

Hey, if there was 112 teams in the CFL we also would have been ranked 112th

You have forgotten about the Kavis Reed led Alouettes! I’d put us at 111th. :slight_smile:

Anyone cynical and despondent about The Tiger Cats future ~ should take the time to listen to the Podcast.

JJ is a man of Character. Full Stop.

The “hiring committee” in Head Office know this. Kinda’ reflects well on them, I think.

With Love, Respect and Team as the grounding First Principles ~ everything is possible.

Hell Yes, Offer this Leader a long term Contract.


I will have to figure out how to play the link shown,apparetnly my computer doesn’t like the connection, in the meantime, do I need to play some old Beatles tunes and groove to a 60s vibe? :smiley:

I wasn’t sure about Jones in the beginning. When he took over as HC, there was a different attitude from the players on the field. They looked closer, they looked like they were having fun, and no longer frustrated. I figured it was just a result of the shake up…but its so much more than that.

This podcast gives an inside look to what he’s probably doing in the locker room. It explains why so many players have “bought into” his strategy and his way of doing things. Feeling like they can bring advice to him (Fantuz did it) when he may not have a full grasp of the situation because of the differences in the rulebook from NCAA or NFL.

June Jones is the coach…scratch that…LEADER that this teamneeds right now and for years going forward. Bringing players together as more than just someguys that get together and play football. Building relationshipsand supporting each other both on and off the field. I like it, and its great to hear that he has that kind of reputation and character. It is something that many of us should have known about, something that the organization needs to use to help rebuild the relationship with the community and the fans.

People always saythat there is more to a story that what you’ve heard. This is that piece that we haven’t heard. I have more faith in this team for the future than I did a few weeks ago.

June Jones needsa contract. Don’t let this man slip away.

Well said, Rix.

I agree…
We must NOT let this gentleman get away from us…
That would be a HUGE mistake.
Sign him for 5 years.
Imagine what he could do for our Cats…having a Training Camp.
Look what he did…stepping into the Train Wreck when we were 0 and 8.
His signing is a total no brainer…period.

Jones has clearly stated that he wants to come back (and ONLY in Hamilton - he is not interested in ANY other CFL work) - If he is NOT signed then one has to start questioning whether or not the front office REALLY has the best interests of the team in mind…Let’s face it…Jones would have been a shoo-in for Coach of the Year had he been around for a few more games…

Jones spear-headed a remarkable turn around and that should be and has been acknowledged here and elsewhere. But “shoo-in? for Coach of the Year is a stretch. The only team we really dominated was Montreal, who basically were in try-out mode. And go back to those posts when Jones called for a one yard plunge from the shot-gun, or a pass from the one yard line to see opinions on his qualifications and aptitude for CFL work.

Like every coach in the history of sport, Jones will have success and failure, genius moves and bone-head calls, rabid supporters and detractors. Remember the “wait until Zach is back? chants last year or the genius of Kent Austin in the two Grey Cup play down years? Based on experience, no doubt a similar fate awaits Jones in the future?

Have you had a chance to listen to the interview yet?

Quote from: Palmer

I will have to figure out how to play the link shown,apparetnly my computer doesn't like the connection, in the meantime, do I need to play some old Beatles tunes and groove to a 60s vibe? http://forums.cfl.ca/Smileys/default/cheesy.gif

Just realized that the clip is an audio interview and not video :-[! Now will have to take the hour or so to listen.