June Jones Long Term ?

Where is June Jones at the end of the 2017 season?

Do we completely strip down the staff and rebuild the staff,
do we rebuild the roster?

I'm wondering where my fellow fans are at this point of a season that
quite honestly seems like an april fools joke...

If we make the playoffs does June stay?
If we miss does June go ?

Do we fire Tillman so Kent can do all the football personnel decisions?

What about people like Noel Thorpe who might be available...

As much as this season has been a change, I think we need some stability moves
in the off season, enough of all the NFL/NCAA coaches, go get someone with Canadian Football

All questions that i'm frantically asking myself...

I know it looks like Jones has saved this team but my wish would be for an EXPERIENCED CFL coaching staff. I’d also bring back Reinbold (if he’d come b@ck) to take over ST. Defense seems to be better but the personnel is different , so is it the DC or the better players?
I think our OC needs more mentoring but will be a great OC given the opportunity. This new offensive assistant coach again has no CFL experience.

I wonder what the composition (CFL experience) is of the coaching staff in Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, etc . Would be interesting to compare.

June Jones did save this team. He completely changed the team's offence, and made some key personnel decisions (ex. starting Masoli, moving Banks to full time receiver).

Lolley has been just as impactful.

If Tillman and Austin listen to these two coaches, and get them the players they want, we'll be championship contenders again.

I hope Jones and Lolley are signed to contracts in Hamilton for 2018.

the fact that Jones long time assistant was hired at this late point in the season tells everyone who is listening that he will be back next season.

I like the way Jones and New guy (not sure what he is formally) speak and their attitude for sure is good. Their demeanor is positive and I think good for the players especially the QB's. I like that new guy spoke highly of working with Ptazek in collaboration - a fairly nice thing to say.

Something in the back of my mind thinks this whole thing if it goes south could be a long term disaster though. We are putting together a bit of an old boys club here which is great to sit around the locker room and re-hash college greatness but are they going to get us into being a serious contender in the future and compete with the top teams of this leaugue next year or the year after? I guess we have an unlimited budget for coaching..what about some players now. Need to increase our talent for sure. Hopefully that is the next piece of the puzzle.

It's interesting to say the least. Actually the guy going to come out of this with all the knowledge is going to be Ptazek when he leaves...he's going to be an offensive genious somewhere.

Yup. Sure looks like June Jones will be around for another season. Maybe Dan Morrison is being hired as a replacement for Jones after next year.
Judging by his newser he looks like a well-versed coach and a great guy.

It find it really remarkable what June Jones has accomplished with the team.
If you consider due to CFL rules that he only gets 3, 4 hour practices and then a walk thru each week to prepare for an opposing team that he has never even seen before and In cities and Stadiums he has never been in.
This being accomplished after coming in mid season.
I would think in the NCAA and NFL practices and meeting times are unlimited, not so with the extremely limited CFL practice and meetings times.
Sure their have been some bumps in the coaching road, but really, he is a special coach
Every game he has Coached this team, we have had a chance to win.
And I expect us to have a chance to win in WPG on Friday also.

He can stay if he learns the Canadian game...now Austin should have been on his shoulder to help him with many of the mistakes. It might look like June kick started the team but I believe it was only a matter of time that the defense came on & the O-line started to give some more protection...maybe Zack could use some of that if he could only get in the line-up...The main problem with Jones is that he wants everyone to like him...bad mix for a head coach...shouldn't worry about hurting feelings & be able to change up QB's with the snap of his fingers.

I don't have the impression Jones wants everyone to like him. I that were the case, he probably is not succeeding in having ZC like him. Looks to me more like he asks for opinions and listens, then decides. That's a good thing.

You can make that argument about the defense since the DC change, but the starting O tackles have been changed under Jones, and from the sound of Jones' Oct. 3 presser, he's been very hands-on with modifying what they're doing scheme-wise with the O line. To me, that means improved O-line play has been a result of intervention by Jones, not merely the passage of time.

Changing the starting QB was literally one of his biggest early moves as the new HC. Is that the act of a guy who lets sentimentality cloud his decision making? You think that change didn't "hurt Zach's feelings?". You can have compassion for people, but still make tough decisions, and so far, Jones' report card in that department is looking pretty good.

Jones' words and actions have both indicated so far that he's a personable guy but isn't going to let that stand in the way of doing what it takes to win football games.

Agreed. Nobody coaches for as long as Jones has without making tough calls along the way.

I agree, Steve.

Coaches usually aren't looking to be popularity winners with the players, no more than any other boss.

I like what June Jones has provided to this team. Lolley seems to have stabilized the defense.

Tiger cats are on an upward arc, though a little jagged.

I would like to see them both back next season.

Trestman didn't have that all important CFL coaching experience when he arrived in Montreal.

He did OK.

See..you like him already...enough said !!

You criticized Jones on the grounds that what you perceive as a need to be liked would prevent him from making QB changes. Making a QB change was LITERALLY one of the first things he did when he took over.

Your degree of cognitive dissonance is staggering.

You're just cranky because he's not starting the QB you want him to start. The rest of us are happy because he's been doing what it takes to give the team the best chance to win games, and it has already paid off several times.

Safetyblitz adds class and dignity to the conversation on this site . Seriously, when was the last time you read "cognitive dissonance" on a football site . Well said my friend ! Well said .

I believe Jones has a calming influence on the team, as well as a plan to win games . I hope he's back next year .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

As much as I like Zach Collaros, I find it hard to disagree with June Jones' success so far.

You should gather a lot of valuable experience and wisdom from coaching in the NCAA and the NFL for as many years as he has.

Jones knows by now that you can't desire to make every player's Christmas card list and be successful in professional sports as a boss.

Like a parent, you sometimes have to make unpopular and difficult decisions and you can't always be a buddy to your child.

In the meantime, you do a lot of mirror gazing.

It can be lonely.

It's called leadership.