June Jones’ influence growing within Ticats organization

June Jones’ influence growing within Ticats organization

In addition to running things on the field, Jones says he had language added to the three-year contract extension he signed in December that gives him control over player personnel. With vice-president of football operations Kent Austin now a consultant – he was nowhere to be seen this week – Jones would appear to be the ultimate decision-maker.


Jones is giving Edwards the vapours.
Were there people who thought he wouldnthave the dominant influence, especially since Austins reduced role ? He,s the head coach for crying out loud.

I would say it’s input by committee and June is the decision-maker. Which is rare and that’s what’s exciting about it,? Steinauer said. “As unorthodox as it may seem from the outside, it feels really natural from the inside. At the end of the day, June is going to make the final decision and that’s “our? decision and everybody is on board with that.?

From the 3Down post it seems a Head Coach having this kind of power is not common (as you seem to indicate). He had this scenario specifically included in his contract. This is why some would think he wouldn’t have dominant influence. It’s not the norm.

It was added to his contract because the power structure changed with Austin leaving. A change that had to be addressed.

Apart from the gong show in MTL maybe is there another coach in the league that doesnt exert the majority of influence regarding player personnel on his team?

The headline and Edwards seem to think its remarkable. It isnt.

The quote in the article about it being unorthodox is from Orlondo. I would think he knows just a little more than your speculation about the inner workings of a pro team.
Why the constant hate of Edwards? If you don’t like his way of adding content on here, why bother reading anything he writes? This board is his creation.
Or does throwing digs at some posters anonymously make you feel better?

I guess I don’t understand some of the negativity in your posts.

His very profession invites if not demands scruntiny and critique from the public.

Nothing wrong in pointing out the contrast between his passive aggressive attitude towards Austin and the current bouquets for Jones.

If anything the streamlining of decision making makes it clear where any problems are this season.

Jones will be under the microscope even further even if Edwards would prefer it on someone else.


Fair enough.

Bump for perspective.

In any sport, the head coach dictates who he wants on his team and the GM tries his best to oblige… this is news?

It is when an agenda wants the blame deflected from Jones to the GM and President.

His team his mess . He owns it.

I forgot to add.... and who he doesn't want on his team...

I don't care. I'm not reading anything on June Jones. I don't have faith in the man.

Like receivers taller than 5' 9 who can fight through coverage and use height to bail out a QB's numerous bad passes ?

Marshall Ferguson made a funny comment on the post game. "June wants guys that are fast, you can also get guys that are tall and fast"

If doubt has crept in with Ferguson then the optics of this team really are as horrible as they appear.

June Jones thinks he's cute.

Great in handling media. That's huge.

Or pretty good QBs that hold clipboards

Jones is aware of that, and has talked about it in multiple interviews. The issue, as he has said himself, is that there's a limited supply of the tall and fast guys, and they tend to have options in the NFL. Any lack of height in our pipeline up to this point is on Tillman and Austin. Jones involvement in personnel decisions only extends back to September at best, and he didn't get "final say" until after last season was over and he made inclusion of that in his contract one of his conditions for re-signing with the Cats.

And it's not like he has a grudge against tall receivers. He's been starting Toliver up until this week, even though he didn't get a good look at him last year and he's coming off ACL reconstruction.