June Jones hired as Assistant Head Coach

As long as this keeps KA away from play calling I'm happy. It would be better if he was off the side line completely, but I can see him there for at least 2 games.

In your experience, are there many pro football teams whose head coaches are not present on the sidelines during games?

I may be wrong, but I think his point was that he wishes Austin to be fired completely

Not fired completely, he has other hats. I just want him out of the play calling loop.
Why did the game degenerate from the QB calling most of the plays?

Maybe we can put aside the KA bashing and see if he can turn this team around?

I said this before on this forum, he made the biggest mistake of his life, leaving that Mac job. What a good gig that was for him. Hope he doesn't mind moving to another CIS city.

This guy was coaching high school and now he is pencilled into being our next Head Coach?

  1. It was originally reported that Jones contract was only for the balance of this season.

Drew is now reporting today that his contract runs through next season also !!

Interesting comments, copied from a 3downnation.com report:

Jones – whose contract runs through next season – says he likes what he sees in quarterback Zach Collaros, who is now trying to learn the run-and-shoot for the first time.
“He’s very confident guy, it’s his system and he can teach it like the back of his hand. There are a lot of things that guys have seen but maybe haven’t done for a long time,? Collaros said. “I think for the receivers being on the field as long as we were, just walking through, it was like a training camp day.?
One thing that Collaros said might help in his transition, ironically enough? Jeff Reinebold.
“I think he could play a role and be very valuable. There’s just something about Reinebold, guys want to play for him, guys want to be around him,? Collaros said. “Meeting him four years ago, I didn’t know who he was but thought he was cool looking with the tattoos and the blonde hair. I sent him a text last night. I hope he stays around, I love Jeff Reinebold.?

"This guy was coaching high school and now he is pencilled into being our next Head Coach?"

And what head coaching experience did O'Shea, Campbelland Maas have before they landed their current jobs??

June Jones had done the job before and at higher level.

I believe in the presser that Jones appeared in, he explained that he was retired.

Let's see what the man can do before we dismiss him.