June Jones hired as Assistant Head Coach

Hopefully this is Coach Austin realizing he needs some experienced help.

Given June's experience this could be a good thing.

Couple notes from Austin's scrum today

  • he and Eric Tillman brought this to Scott Mitchell for approval.

  • he will possibly call plays in the future. That's "on the table.

  • coach Ptaszec is a valued member of the staff, June is not here to replace that.

  • Coach Austin doesn't care if people thing he's being brought in to replace him (eventually) as he made the hire.

You'd think this thread would have been more active.

Here's my somewhat pointless contribution. According to Wikipedia, Jones' star college QB at one point was Timmy Chang. Had things played out differently, Chang could have been in the sunset years of a stellar career with the Tiger-Cats right about now. Of course, if he'd turned out to be the answer at QB, our revolving door of QBs and head coaches would have also looked a lot different, meaning we probably wouldn't be calling on Jones for help in 2017.

  1. Timmy Chang might have been a big star in College, but in the pro ranks he was a joke !!

[quote author=ExPat link=topic=104129.msg2112780#msg2112780 date=1501782680]
You’d think this thread would have been more active.

With this new format, most members don’t even know how to get back to this site !!

I had a hard enough time my self getting back on here !! ::slight_smile:

It may be because the changes to the forums have messed things up. The link doesn't work for me on ticats.ca on my laptop or my mobile. Only way I can get here is to go to forums.cfl.ca home page and then choose the Ticats section. I hope they get this fixed soon.

Apart from that, I think this hiring is a good one. I'm hoping he can help get Zach straightened out. How much difference it will make remains to be seen... there are other things wrong with this team.

Well, I would hope that Jones would be looking at everything on O, from protection to receivers & running backs.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase " Is it June yet ? " . My guess is that if things continue to go south with this team this season that we'll eventually be seeing J.J. wearing the Head Coaches hat before too long with Kent being kicked upstairs to a desk job before seasons end . If not I could see Jones stepping into the role at seasons end and starting 2018 as our new HC .

I like the fact that such a great football mind like June Jones is with us, but, what good is a run and shoot offence going to do when Austin has made Collaros a pocket passer. :o
I certainly can see Masoli thriving in that type of offence

Could be a sign at years end Austin will step back, maintain more of a executive role and hand the reigns over to Jones. This season could be more of Jones mentoring the OC in prep for next season to take over the duties full time if Jones becomes HC. I think this is a sign that Austin finally realizes he is willing to admit he is wearing too many hats and is in over is head. A 60-1 whooping will do that to a person

I agree Steve.

Mitchell, who we played against last week, said he benefitted a lot from his time with June Jones, and is happy for Collaros in getting an opportunity to do the same.

Zach has already said that he is excited at the chance to work with and learn from coach Jones.

Jones could also provide some guidance for Stephan with his OC learning curve.

According to Wikipedia:

"Jones's offenses rarely run the ball, favoring a wide-open, pass-heavy offense, the run and shoot approach"

He has experience with the kind of offense that Kent likes to execute, so his adaptation to the Hamilton system will likely be a short one....

Bringing in June Jones will provide the help and resources this team has been missing since they were abandoned by Condell.

This can't hurt, may knock some sense into Austin. It doesn't seem he value's any other assistants opinion.
Can only be good for Masoli....(Hawaii, Oregon backround)!

It's all BS about Ptaszek his job is safe he is as good as gone ?

Patazak out June in simple as that the Greg Marshall exp #2 has to end now ASAP

I donot care who the OC is, if the lines is as porous as it was last night no matter what okay is called, it going to fail. How can you continually blame him???
You’re a broken record.

Whole lotta broken records around here blaming the same people week after week.

Again last night's OLine play might be the worst I've ever see in a full football game.

  1. Well, considering that Scott Mitchell said this week that Austin is going no where, then you're probably
    right in that assessment.

    If they like what they see from June Jones for the balance of this season, then I could see him taking over
    as HC next season, and Austin moving up stairs to his job as VP of football operations !!

    I can see why the Cats don't want to fire Austin and have to pay him off for the next 2 yrs of his huge
    contract !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I read somewhere that June Jones' contract is only til the end of the season. But, I think, that could be to allow both parties to get a feel of the situation before committing longer term.

I have nothing to hang this on, but I have a feeling that Jones MAY become the head coach after this season. He has an offense oriented mind, leans toward Austin's kind of throw first playbook, and is capable of mentoring quarterbacks (Collaros, Masoli).

He could also have the connections to bring in a DC and special teams coach to improve the quality of both.

I'm excited for that possibility.

At worst this gives the Cats someone who can mentor their very green OC. All the Hats Austin wears I think he was thrown to the wolves and learning on the go which is why play calling was pulled so quickly. Austin simply doesn't have the time to properly mentor him.

I agree....that would be good too.....I would like to see Stephan get a true shot at this....