June Jones has done a dam good job at building this team from the inside!

I’m really starting to like this guy!

Me too! Some credit must also go to Tillman and company

I agree and am especially enjoying his honesty.
Very refreshing in today’s sports environment.
Definitely grown on me.

I like him too. I have done since he got here. I tend to support our coaches anyway, but I like JJ’s style. Down to earth, honest, not arrogant at all or full of himself. He obviously cares for his players, and they certainly have bought into his approach. Several have made great strides in their development and performance under his guidance. I’m very glad we have him, it was a good move to bring him in.

Amazing what a couple of wins will do. Three weeks ago we had his head under the guillotine. 8)

June is a good football coach just not an experienced Canadian Football League coach, therein lies the difference.

Why wait for the Ottawa series? Do you expect more botched coaching calls to change my mind?

I’ve been thinking recently about how close the two individuals, in the TiCat organization, who most get complained about, in this forum, might be to each winning an award on the Thursday of Grey Cup Week. As a big fan of one, since Nov. 22/15, and the other for over a year now, that pleases me.

Don’t forget, those 2 individuals were very deserving of that criticism!

If you view things in short intrevals yes. Stepping back and looking at the whole picture often gives you a clearer view. (Not sure if Confucius said that or not??)
Many talk about process and team building and QB development is that. Can you nitpick a throw, play or a game? YES.
Can you nitpick a coaching decsion, game plan? YES

Overall both have been an extremely positive change for this team and will deservingly be up for year end awards.

Some of it, no question.
But, IMO, much of it has come simply because of their high profiles and the need, for some, to just blame somebody. There have been opportunities to heap great praise on each of them and it hasn’t come forth, here, at anywhere near the level of the criticisms. If we were to hold a vote on who are weak links in the organization, those two names shouldn’t even be on the ballot.

Good coaches are good coaches.

Experience can only be gained with time.

I listened to that interview he dida while ago. Someone posted it on here I believe. The guy has a huge heart, and definitely isn't in it just for the money.

I agree with the sentiments expressed in the last three posts in this thread.

Garney26 started this thread by commenting favourably on our coach. I’d say he was right about that. He has lately commented favourably about our QB too.

I hope we win the two upcoming Ottawa games. Regardless, my appreciation of the coach and QB will be highly positive.

Performance, competence, leadership, development and character should be measured on a body of work, and over time. Both of these individuals have done very well in Hamilton. Neither is perfect, but since no one is, perfection is not an appropriate standard. Both are excellent in my view.

Well said!

Yes, I figure June Jones is a head coach almost any player would want to play for. Fair, doesn’t play favorites. Calm, cool and collected. Definitely not a drama king. A man’s man. Who got him for the TiCats? I suspect it was Eric Tillman, the g.m. I have a hunch Tillman also orchestrated Jerry Glanville coming to Steeltown (yes, there are still steel mills, like Dofasco, in TabbieTown). Glanville, like Jones, is my kind of guy. Brilliant mind. Head coached in NFL for about a decade in Houston and Atlanta. He still looks in good shape (the recent photo in Sports Illustrated). Gotta love a guy who only wants to talk about his occupation and who goes to bed with a coiled, lined notebook to write down plays he creates in his sleep. I’ve found that my most powerful and creative thinking occurs after I wake up after a deep REM 3 sleep. I have a hunch it will be Hamilton and either Calgary or Winnipeg in the Grey Cup Nov. 25 in Edmonton. I’d love it to be the Bombers. They have a long-standing Cup rivalry with TiCats dating back to the Bud Grant-Jim Trimble days when Ray (Bibbles) Bawel got tripped by a Winnipeg fan en route to an easy TD. Not that it mattered, Hamilton romped.

Not sold on his coaching or clock management skills yet, but he did get Masoli and Banks to play and that was the start of something great. Since players are stepping up and filling gaps everywhere and producing some great results…these 2 games against Ottawa will say for sure if they are a champion team.

He’s done a lot of good things for this team. I just hope he learns from some of his bonehead late game decisions.