June Jones Gone

Jones has left Hamilton!!!

Just like recently to my Argos when the fired Trestman and also a few Coordinators from other teams left, can’t help to think this is more bad news for our league at the expense of the new league.
Wait for the further exodus at year end when players are involved.
On the players side it is therefore more crucial for the new CBA to have major monetary increases.

I wonder if there was already some interest from the XFL way back when June Jones stepped down to OC to make room for Steinhauer has HC. Maybe he already knew that he would get offers and was just waiting to see what type of offer.

Again, is some of the exodus of signed coaches to the XFL due to the new cap on coaches and football ops?

Would love the team/CFL to clarify about how this impacts the management/coach salary cap.

This has zero to do with money. Jones was donating most of or his entire salary…

Stop being an alarmist.

The reason the XFL is coming after CFL staff and players next year, is they want to model their league after the CFL. They like the CFL fast open game and they want to mirror as much of it as they can. Makes sense they come and get guys who know our brand of football.

Now someone needs to call them and tell them about Kavis Reed’s amazing Matrix.

wonder if things just didn’t work out wihe Steinhauer as HC?

Really, nothing to do about money.
How about the new cap on coaches?

If Americans can play at Home for similar money, it make sense for them. Inflating salaries to fight a league that may not even exist after a year would be crazy.

How do you take the money away, once the XFL has closed shop?

We had a bunch of our “American” GM’s crying last year the AAFL makes it so hard to recruit players… The league folded after six weeks and these same GM’s signed wait for it, a total of FOUR PLAYERS from the AAFL.

…that sucks, so close to TC…

I agree that there is a strong financial incentive for Americans to work where their salaries are not subject to currency conversions (assuming they don’t move to Canada full time) … not certain anyone is suggesting inflating salaries … but the new coach cap likely means shorter contracts … even for someone donating their salary a 2-3 year deal is more attractive than a 1-2 year deal … term offers the best chance at stability.

It is not just the money, June Jones also got a promotion from being an OC to HC/GM. Plus, he gets to return to Texas.

For those who believes that Jones bailed out at the last minute, there was talk thatall the XFL Head Coaches were present at last month’s Spring League where they were testing XFL rules. Even those that were unannounced were supposedly there. Ti-Cats likely knew for at least a month that Jones was leaving.

XFL likely wanted Jones because of his offensive reputation, his long relationship with football in Texas, and because the league believes he would fit well when the Houston teamacquires (to the surprise of nobody) Johnny Manziel.

I’m sure Tommy will step in admirably

My understanding was that June was already penned to leave after the season. They already had access to someone who could step in, so when this opportunity came up early…poof

It will be interesting how Masoli responds as Jones created an atmosphere for him to excel as a starting QB .

Will miss Jones for his positive attitude and he brought some colour to the CFL .

Always felt he wasn’t here for very long . He was a great stop gap as the Cats fell apart and were rock bottom when he arrived in town and he ended up building up a team ready to take the next step up .

I agree that the move is not surprising and the Ti-Cats planned for it very well.

It should be noted that CFL may lose more coaches. XFL have slotted their HC in at $500,000/year in American dollars. That’s a substantial salary far surpassing the CFL HC average salary.

XFl salary is huge factor for these head coaches’ decision.

Agree Embert. And the fact a 4 down game is just so much more familiar to them, more in their comfort zone and of course not having to worry about what nationality a player is.