June Jones Aug 29 Media Scrum

Not impressed.

Great interview. I like what he did say and what didn’t say even though the reporters keep asking the same question.

Impressed with all the emotion he showed for the victims. What a great guy, real motivator.


He has no remorse for even mentioning his part in the hiring. All he could say was Briles is his friend. I wouldn't want this type of friend.

Once again move on folks there is nothing to gain by picking apart the new coach. We the self righteous and we who have never done anything wrong in our perfect lives.



True but sometimes your good friend you thought you knew can sometimes turn out to be someone you didn't really know and then you have a choice to continue to have this person as your friend or cast him aside as a friend. That can be difficult even for the best of people.

you all other members of the Baylor staff including the AD and the President have been re-hired by other schools

I'll just leave this here for reference.
Of course I expect everyone knew this already....


I am sure the idea and suggestion to hire Briles came from "a good friend of Briles".

LOL !!! wow what an exciting guy(insert sarcasm emoticon here) , all the personality and emotion of a wet dishrag ??? . My guess is that at the end of the season June Jones will be back in Texas with his "good" friend Artie , both of them unemployed , having beers at the local Redneck watering hole .
Honestly can't see this guy turning around this train wreck of a team this season as it's already well off the track anyways. Having this guy as our HC is akin to putting a band-aid on a major bullet wound .

So let the flaming commence because in all honesty I fell that this guy is basically nothing more then "Dead man walking" material for this sad sack team of ours just to get us through until the end of this sorry season is mercifully over .