June deadline for NHL team?

Just wondering if nothing happens by this June deadline, if the city will stop thinking NHL, NHL, NHL and focus on IWS and the Cats?

"A business consortium has until June to land an NHL hockey team for Hamilton, according to an agreement signed with the city in 2004."

  • Whitehead pushing for NHL franchise for city
    • [url=http://www.hamiltonmountainnews.com/hmn/news/news_579722.html]http://www.hamiltonmountainnews.com/hmn ... 79722.html[/url]

Those blockheads at City Hall might declare IWS a "Heritage Site", and then NOTHING would be allowed to be done to improve it. (Lister Block, anyone?)

HCC is the same company that was behind the failed bids to bring the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators to Hamilton.

haha...nice track record.

what a joke!
Did they actually think Melnyk would move the Sens to Hamilton? besides why would you want an NHL franchise?

Well, save your money Hamilton city council as the NHL won't be coming to this or any other Canadian city for a while. Now lets work at getting the Grey Cup back to Hamilton:

-- The NHL in Winnipeg: "We're not looking to relocate any franchise and we're not looking to expand ..... but I do agree that the ability of a Winnipeg with the right building and ownership to not just survive but be competitive under the new system isn't something I would rule out although we haven't investigated it. But I don't want to get anybody's hopes up because we're not planning on going anywhere."

Gary Bettman's State-of-the-Union address, June 5/07

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp?content=20060605_201352_2308]http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article. ... 01352_2308[/url]

No reason why we can't be optimistic about an NHL team and get pumped for football.

I think it would be great for the city if we could land an NHL team. I really think it would put a huge charge into downtown. I think having 18,000 people pouring in and out of Copps for 41 nights would make downtown pretty attractive.

I agree with what you are saying slodrive but if this optimism you speak of translates into the city not wanting to do anything to make IWS Grey Cup ready allowing for Bob to go after a Cup here, then I'm not for this optimism as it now stands with Bettman's statement that they aren't planning anything. If they were looking into something in Canada, fine, but they aren't it would seem.

Downtown attractive? We can't even demolish a rotting eyesore on James and Rebecca, or a pub owner on Locke St being blocked from opening a cafe (both by the same navel-gazing, anti-development, likes-to-see-his-name-in-the-paper city councillor). The only way to make the downtown more attractive is to bulldoze it and start over.

Now there is someone with some insight! Good stuff sig, now you're getting right to the heart of the matter!


I'm not sure which navel-gazing, anti-development, likes-to-see-his-name-in-the-paper city councillor you are referring to. 8)

Bulldozing it all and starting over has been proven to be the wrong approach, but leaving Lister sitting there for so long was a worse one.

This city will never stop thinking about hockey, but we will never see another NHL team north of the border anyway, no matter how strong the dollar is. Sorry Gary, but you can't play good cop on this one. :thdn:

The downtown is dead apart from some stuff going on at Hamilton Place, the 5,000 who show up regularly for the Bulldogs and a few other things perhaps. And with the NHL not coming as it would very likely seem, then the city council, while still thinking about hockey in their dreams Godfrey NFL style, needs to refocus on priorities such as the Lister Block and getting something as big as the Grey Cup here and listen to what Bob wants. Bob has a team here in this city called the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and he seems very committed to this team and the city so city council really needs to shift their focus to him and make this city Grey Cup desination no. 1. I think this makes sense, we want to keep Mr. Young, our caretaker, happy, don't we? While I'm not saying bulldoze Copps necessarily, I am not ruling anything out to get this city as Grey Cup destination numero uno.

First, it's James and King William. Second, it is obvious you have not been downtown in a while. There are alot of really good things going on right now in the core, but progress takes time. Hamilton, for such a young city, is very rich in architectual gems, of which bulldozing many of them would be counter-productive in the long run. Urban renewal ala 1970's anyone. Take a bus downtown, walk the streets and talk to the people. I have. There is alot to get excited about.

What Hamilton needs first and foremost before any NHL team is a dynamic Mayor....sorry, but I've listened to DiIanni for a few years now and he does nothing to inspire me. He talks down to most citizens in an "I know better than any of you" sort of style.....he's simply the wrong guy to attract any interest in this city and I'm positive he doesn't impress anyone from outside of Hamilton enough to want to come here.. It's quickly turning into a disgusting pig stye in Hamilton and he seems to not see it.
Our own Police Chief seems to be a bigger cheerleader for Hamilton than our Mayor is. At least Chief Mullan seems human when he talks.

To use a quick example of the city getting run down and neglected, check out the former Balmoral Tavern at the corner of Wentworth and Main....absolutely disgusting!
It's sad because I absolutely love the City of Hamilton and it's people.......but the leadership is just not there.

Anyhow, until we clean up the basics in this city, I'll not be dreaming of an NHL franchise anytime soon.....but these are only my opinions. :roll:


When this was discussed on the old site I will say again what I said there. As Long as Toronto and Buffalo have a franchise you will NEVER see an NHL Team in Hamilton. I would love to see a team here as I love the Leafs but the Leafs is almost impossible to get tickets for and Sabres are scared of losing their fanbase.

I stand corrected.

Actually, I work downtown, and I'm sickened by all the decay. I agree with you about the architecture. I would like to see as much of that architecture (or style) to remain, but at what cost? The stagnation of development, perhaps? Downtown is about as tired and worn out as any city I've been in. For crying out loud - "new" DAMASCUS looks better than downtown Hamilton.

We go downtown or pass through downtown if you will, to go for a walk at harbourfront which is gorgeous. But for actually going downtown to do anything other than go to Hamilton Place or Copps for the odd show or Bulldogs game, forget it. The Roarr Store once in a while and library once in a while also perhaps.
Too bad IWS wasn't right downtown like Copps and Rogers Centre, this is unfortunate.

Hey Mikey...what about bob for mayor? Now there is an inspirational leader for you.

Not sure if he's willing to commit to politics and the team. Both are full time jobs and he also has lulu.com on his plate. In any event how much "saving" does he have left in him after looking after the Cats?

I think Bob has to "save" the CFL first... lol