June 9th game not on tv???

Hi Ticat fans;

It states that on the TSN page for Saturday June 9th the Hamilton vs Montreal game is on TSN 1 and 5 at 1pm. According to my guide from Cogeco it states Formula 1 pre qualifying races are on at 1pm on the TSN channels. I hope TSN corrects this before Saturday because I work Friday night until 7am Saturday and I'm getting up to watch Saturday afternoon football and still work that night.

If I wake up and there no football when TSN stated they are broadcasting it I wont be a happy camper.


Sometimes cable-providers' on-screen guides don't get updated in a timely manner. One thing you might try is unplugging the power on your cable box for two minutes, then plugging it back in. That should force it to download fresh listings. If it's still showing Formula 1 for the June 9 game, try the same trick again Friday night.

You must work as a customer service operator..

No matter whats wrong unplug it and plug it back in..
;D ;D

I have Rogers in Brantford. The guide is updated to show the Cats game at noon on TSN 1. :smiley:

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Works most of the time, but sometimes it takes 2 cold boots

That is the correct time, even though all references on ticats.ca show 1 p.m. It'll be on both TSN 1 & 5.