june 23rd

so whos all goin to the game against the argos on friday june 23rd?? cuz i am..sitting in section x row 17..with 6 other buddies...and to make that week even better on the 24th im goin to the ex :smiley:

i have season tickets for row 2 section a

theres gotta be more than this

i am, i got seasons in the upper deck, east side. It should be good with the Winnipeg defense trying to stop ricky. (shouldnt be hard from wut i have seen from him in pre-season)

Section U, Row 44, Seat 11 :smiley: Figured I'd take my dad to the home opener for fathers day. Should be good times.

Sec. T Row 24,
Can't wait!!
I usually get tickets gameday from someone walking around selling. Most of the time they're awesome seats and at a reduced price. Last year, I got 55 yardline, row 2, behind the Montreal bench, for $40 each. I do shiftwork so I can't go to every game, otherwise, I'd get season tix.
This TO game, I wanted to make sure I had tickets so I got them in advance.

Cool 8)
The next day, I’ll be catching a Twins game.
Then on Sunday, Back to the 50’s car show.
And to top it off, Tom Petty with Pearljam on Monday and Tuesday.
I don’t care for baseball, but since I’ll be there already, why not.
I’m sure I’ll be back there in the fall, to catch a Vikings game too.

does anybody no the attendance numbers for this game??? and ive heard that the bombers will be wearing their gold uhis for this game cuz its our hall of fame game

The TiCats thought so too! :wink:

I heard 29,000.....alas I wont be one of them.....but I will be listening on CJOB as I drive off into the sunset.....

yea i heard on power 97 that itll be 29 degrees and 29000 screamin fans or sumthin…and i will be one of them…i might have pics too

29,000 sold already? Plus there will be walk-up sales

Doesn't the stadium only hold 29,xxx now?

yep 29,503


umm we had 27,000 sold for our first PRE season game this year. I’ll thank it being a regular season game for the extra 2,000…

Il be happy if the defence won't give ricky a TD and keep him under 40 yrds

That i hope woukld be special. Williams is disgrace to the NFL and is nothing more then a fool.

Winnipeg will sell out the game to see RW not live up to his hype, no matter, what gets people in the seats of WPG stadium is all good.