June 20/ Lions at Riders

Well from watching Dickenson’s press availability on Wed, his demenour and tone are stikingly more hard, and show signs of serious dissatisfaction with his “highly paid” Leaders and distinctly reflect his annoyance at their level of play. It’s about time!!!
Riders sitting at 1-3 NEED this win at home…and they better win.

Riders should win this week.

That’s comforting.

come on we need a big stop here.

Half Time and very close game. Too close imo. BC running up the middle needs to be stopped.
Now we’ll see which teams coaches come up with the ‘best adjustments’

Nice second half. Fajardo looked really good…again.
23 Rider points to BC’s 3 points in the second half…more like it.
Still need to get more physical…except for Hughes.
Good Win.

Very big W tonight. Fajardo balled out again tonight and Evans is really emerging as a solid target on offense. Shepley looks like he is going to be a beast in this league on the o line. The d line played well aside from a few runs in the first half. Hoping for a repeat next week.

despite the score…ugly win. Defence cant tackle and is not on the same page. Coaches have had big lapses in every game…this week it was their list. Mac has actually been the strongest coach to this point. lol

I agree... As strange as it is Macado has had the best showing and consistency from his side of the fence.... And i was a flag bearer of him needing an axe. I can at least gladly admit this time i was wrong.

Well Shivers is not Jones, that at least is abundantly clear